Wife, Mummy, Nurse: My Mini Me Wants a Cowl {Yarn Along}

21 August 2013

My Mini Me Wants a Cowl {Yarn Along}

Last week when Charis saw my cowl, she asked, "Can I have one?" Since she doesn't have any scarves or cowls for winter, I told her, "Yes." My daughter enjoys being "Mini me".

On Thursday, I told her that she could even pick the yarn out herself at the yarn store in the town where daddy works. {Drew had forgotten his lunch that day, and he was scheduled to tutor for 8 hours. I told him we'd bring it up.}

The yarn Charis picked out;
she liked the pink and yellow.

At Daddy's workplace.

I have not started knitting the cowl yet because I need to finish a test knit by the end of August, but since it's a skirt for my daughter, she's happy with this arrangement.  I'm pleased to announce that I'm able to knit the skirt with yarn that has been in my stash. I LOVE stash busting, and I think my husband loves it more. I don't have ANY pictures of the skirt, but hopefully they'll be posted by next week.

What are you knitting or reading?
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  1. Hubby is working? That is good!!

    My AnnaLynn is also a mini-me. :) Except she's almost 13 and definitely developing her own sense of style (a fine thing!). Charis picked out some very pretty yarn!

  2. how pretty! and what fun! yay for the work!

  3. Aww! So sweet. I love when my boys choose things for themselves, also. Their current favorite accessory is Grandpa's Yankee hat - guess I'll have to pick some up for them!

  4. Very cute! Your Daughter sounds adorable :) Glad to know that she is growing up as a 'Mini-Me' :)

  5. What a fun color combo of yarn -- she's going to love her cowl! I really need to get started on my Christmas knitting... You definitely need to show a pic of the finished product!

  6. What a lovely cheerful choice of yarn! Savour the days when your little one wants handknits xx