Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Brigid Socks {Yarn Along}

16 October 2013

Brigid Socks {Yarn Along}

I started knitting Brigid socks to give as a Christmas gift to a loved one. Even though the pattern calls for casting on 48 stitches, I cast on 64 stitches for a few reasons 1) to better fit the recipient and 2) I'm using smaller needles. So far I'm enjoying the pattern; there's enough changes that it's not boring. I am taking the advice of another knitter and knitting so many rows of one sock, then knitting the same amount of rows of another sock. I have the horrible habit to finish one sock or one leg or one glove, but not finish the other. I hope doing this will allow me to finish the socks soon so I can move onto the next project. I tried taking a photograph, but took it too late tonight. I hope to take it tomorrow in natural light.

What are you reading or knitting?
Join me over at Ginny's Yarn Along.

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  1. That's the way to do it! Both at the same time either by Magic Loop or on 2 sets of dpns! You go girl! Did you see my Fireweeds?