Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Chuck E. Cheese's

10 October 2013

Chuck E. Cheese's

Two weeks ago, Drew's aunt and his mom were in town visiting. Charis LOVED spending time with them, and I had a much needed break on Thursday. While I napped, they went to the local thrift store, Babies R Us, and Target. Later that evening, I joined them at Chuck E. Cheese's. It was Charis's first time there; she loved it. My daughter was too excited to eat her pizza; I was thankful I decided to just get a small bacon and cheese pizza to split between us. She ate less than one slice. I ate all the other slices, which were on the small side.

She enjoyed the games, but she was most excited about the maze on the ceiling. At first, she was hesitant to go up, but once she did, she did not want to come down. Thankfully, we decided to get her prizes right as we were leaving.

Two weeks later, she STILL talks about "Yucky Cheese's" on a daily basis.

Unless we have something special going on, we will most likely not be going back. I had a good time, liked the pizza, but the prices were on the higher side. I'd rather take her on a walk to the playground and have her play on the swings and slides for free.

Have your children ever been to Chuck E. Cheese's?


  1. We aren't huge Chuck-e cheese fans. The lack of parental supervision, subpar menu, and expensive costs are a turnoff. I prefer Dave & Busters but for date night, not to take the kids they usually clean me out on the games there.

  2. I like Chuck E Cheese for the games but it's not a place I would take a child. Maybe yours is a good one. Ours is a pile of unruly kids getting on stage and upsetting the animals and yelling and screaming and I went to one birthday party there for my girlfriend's child and said never again....

  3. We went there for a birthday party and I don't even want to know what the mom spent on it. She kept all the kids well supplied in tokens. It was crazy and overwhelming to me.

  4. My son really wanted a chuck-E-cheese party. I called them up and asked them about a few dates asked if there were other parties going on. Then, I picked the day with the least, and booked at an odd party time (5:30). We had the place to ourselves. It was nice!

    It was an expensive party, and we only had like 5 kids. I must admit, for one year, it was better than cleaning the house.