Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Getting Ready to Knit Christmas Gifts {Yarn Along}

09 October 2013

Getting Ready to Knit Christmas Gifts {Yarn Along}

In 2011, I went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival for the first time. While there, I bought some yarn planning to knit Christmas gifts for family, but I never used it. I pulled out the yarn yesterday because I hope to actually use it this year. I love how soft it is; it's 50% merino wool and 50% silk. I never know if I should blog about the gifts and post a final photo of them before Christmas or wait until after Christmas. Not everyone in my family reads this blog, but I don't want them accidentally stumbling over here and see what they'll be getting. Unless I change my mind, I'll just post the yarn and maybe the projects partially knit. How do you handle showing Christmas gifts on your blog?

I have yarn that is bulky. The tension is too tight on size 11 needs, and on size 13 needs, it's too loosey goosey. I have searched for size 12 circular and DPN, but have yet to find them in any stores I've searched. Do companies make size 12 knitting needles? Or are my pursuits in vain?

My wonderful in-laws gave me The Knitter's Life List as a belated graduation gift!! I put that book on my Christmas list, but have since scratched it off. I enjoy getting ideas for future knitting projects from it.

What are you reading or knitting? 
Join me over at Ginny's Yarn Along.


  1. That red & white sounds just wonderful; I'll look forward to seeing what you create with it, Sarah. :) I've seen that book around and have wondered if I'd like it. Sounds like you do!

  2. The red and white look so fun. My family knows that I can't keep a secret so I blog about gifts in progress. I don't say who each gift is for, but if they figure it out before hand I don't really mind. I'm certain someone would make a size 12 needle. (Of all of the numbers to skip I'd think they'd skip 13 instead of 12) but knitpicks, the site I get my needles from, don't have any. Good luck finding the right needles.

    1. It's the same with me. Everyone who comes by can see what I'm knitting anyway and if they are so keen on finding out and read my blog, so be it. I don't say who a gift is for too. Only if I'm knitting for little ones who can't read anyway. They will still be surprised.

  3. I would love to learn to knit. I have heard it is very relaxing and a good stress reducer. I look forward to seeing your knitting projects :)

  4. I really wish I could knit! I would make so many cool things!

  5. I know how you feel about not being able to find the right needles. I crochet and I have gone to the craft store several times only to find the exact size I wanted to be sold out! I hope you find what you are looking for! It's never too early to bust out the knitting projects.

  6. Knitting is such a nice skill to have. Now that I'm having a baby, I especially wish I knew how! I will have to settle for buying on etsy and the knit gifts that my stepmom made me :)