Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Three Headaches This Week

07 November 2013

Three Headaches This Week

For the last three days, I've had a headache on and off. It is so frustrating. I want to knit, but instead I'm read the directions and they look like a foreign language. I know this should not be the case, and it's frustrating. I want to finish knitting my niece's Christmas gift and finish Charis's cowl. Instead, I try to lie down and close my eyes praying that God would take my headache away. Plus, it doesn't help I don't have anything to take right now. I need to start carrying my essential oils around with me.


  1. I'm so sorry... I know how headaches can affect what you want to do and how discouraging it can be when you have a project you need to work on. Magnesium is highly recommended to use when you have a headache (not magnesium oxide though). I hope you get some relief soon!!

  2. Are you in an area where willow grows? It has properties of aspirin if you are in a pinch... I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Headaches can be so debilitating. I hope you can find a cause and start getting some relief.