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06 December 2013

Babyville Boutique Review

I love DIY projects, especially if it involves sewing or knitting, and often swing by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft stores when I'm grocery shopping. One of my favorite products to buy at Jo-Ann's is Babyville Boutique sewing supplies. Check out my previous review.

Babyville Boutique
was “born” when a new generation of parents embraced an emerging lifestyle trend of wanting healthier and environmental friendly products for their baby.  As more families became conscience of this lifestyle choice, many creative moms began sewing cloth diapers for their babies and toddlers for both social and economic reasons.
Babyville started out selling coordinated cloth diapering supplies, but they have expanded their repertoire. Babyville Boutique designers have been busy creating new books and writing tutorials online for their blog.

Babyville Boutique graciously offered to send me a box of their new supplies. I definitely squealed when I received this box below; it was full of their new supplies. I received a package of Little birds and chevron assorted PUL, Sweet assortment pink and lavender wicking fabric, Sweet girl design snaps, Little bird and heart labels, pink and white ruffled elastic, scalloped pink and white fold over elastic, plus 51 PUL Projects book and two packages of buttons which are not pictured.

I decided to make a small AI2 diaper.

Using Babyville's small diaper pattern, I cut one layer of wicking fabric and PUL for the diaper.

And added my embellishment. Since I was using PUL, I used the sewing method which is explained in the 51 Babyville Boutique Projects. They write "Position applique onto fabric using a fabric glue stick."

I used a zig zag stitch to apply the applique, but when I do them again, I'll use a straight stitch. I think it might look neater.

This was my first time sewing PUL and wicking fabric together. It seemed like a NIGHTMARE, but that's not Babyville's fault, it's mine. I am not used to sewing both of these fabrics together. I quickly found that the fabric was seriously sliding. Here are a two tips that might help you out:

  1. Use hair clips/boppy pins, instead of sewing pins. This equals less holes in the PUL.
  2. Use a washable glue stick to temporarily baste the layers together.
Sadly, I do not have a photo of the finished project. I had the wrong size die tray and shaft on my pliers. The other sizes are at home, and I've been visiting family for the last week. Hopefully when I get home I'll be able to finish the diaper and post the picture on this blog and Twitter.

I continue to enjoy Babyville Boutique supplies, especially their new prints that came out within the last 6 months. 

Don't forget to enter a giveaway for $35+ of Babyville Boutique sewing supplies.

What's your favorite Babyville Boutique product?
Have you ever sewn your own cloth diapers?


  1. I read somewhere about using a sheet of tissue paper when sewing with PUL - that's what I do with my wet bags - then tear away the tissue once done. Another idea would be to use a teflon foot or a walking foot. Or you could put some tape on the bottom of your regular foot and see if it holds things together better.

  2. I have been scared to sew with my PUL... I have a bad feeling I will be throwing my first attempt away..

  3. Wow, that is so handy! At lunch today we were discussing the need for Home Ec again, just so kids could learn how to do things like sew a button. It's great that Babyville Boutique makes it easier for moms to figure out how to sew something like this.

  4. Is that a Baby Lock machine? I have one and I love it! And that PUL is super cute. I've also been scared away from attempting to sew PUL, so it's nice to know it can be done! :)

  5. I've never tried sewing cloth diapers before but I'd be interested in giving it a try. I'm sure my first try wouldn't be they pretty, but it sure would be cool to diaper my din in something I made.

  6. I like the Babyville brand. I've sewed a few cloth diapers using their patterns and their PUL, and I was really pleased. I also have their snaps and pliers. I use those for more than just cloth diapers...bibs, toy leashes, etc. There's a lot you can do with them!

  7. I would love to try their patterns. I have used the PUL and love it.

  8. Cute! I love the PUL you worked with! I really like Babyville Boutique products - I've had great experiences with them!

  9. I'm really intrigued by this! I think I'd need a little supervision to actually make a diaper:)

  10. cute PUL prints! I would also be afraid to mess up the PUL, but that pattern seems pretty reasonable.