Wife, Mummy, Nurse: The Many Uses of Prefold Diapers

17 January 2014

The Many Uses of Prefold Diapers

One of my top five must have baby items is Prefold Diapers. When I was pregnant with Charis, one of the first things I bought were 24 infant prefolds. I had just planned on using them for cloth diapers, but what I didn't realize was that they were so versatile. Some of the ways, I have used prefolds are:

Cloth Diapers

Prefolds are one of the most economical cloth diapers available-ranging from $1.45-$8.95 {depending on the diaper}. A prefold is a rectangular shaped diaper in different sizes and thicknesses, usually with more absorbency in the middle. You fold them on babies so they're fitted. You need to use a cover with them, but we used to let my daughter go coverless at home wearing just a prefold. Once your child outgrows them, they also make excellent inserts and diaper doublers for heavy wetters.

Burp Rags

Prefolds are excellent at cleaning up spit up. They're absorbent and much better than most burp cloths sold in stores.

Car Seat Pad

My daughter is mostly potty trained, but even now, I try to keep prefolds in the car, so that I can lay it flat on her car seat in case she has an accident.

Cleaning Rags

I have not used the good prefolds I bought while pregnant, since they're still intact. Instead, I use the prefolds my MIL brought over to our apartment, which were used on my SIL and my husband. I also use the Gerber prefolds that were given to me as a baby gift {the ones with the polyester batting in the middle}.

Do you have prefolds?
If so, how do you use them?

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  1. Wow, I didn't even think to use these as car seat pads or burp rags. LOL thanks for the ideas.

  2. Brilliant to use them as a car seat pad! I will have to remember that when my son finally decides to start using the potty

  3. It's so cool that you can use the diapers that your MIL used on your hubs!! Definitely worth going with cloth when it's so durable.

  4. I am usw mine as cleaning rags.

  5. Menstrual Cloths: fold the long sides in to the middle and then fold in half to the length you want/need with a thicker bit in front of back depending. A pair of tummy hugging stretchy panties holds them in place just fine. Wear a loose skirt (more comfy at that time anyway) and no one is the wiser. Waaay cheaper than special made washable pads. You can make some thinner pads from layers of flannel zigzagged around the edges for lighter days.


  6. These are the type of diapers I used for our babies in the late 60's-early 70's. Soooooo long ago (except in my heart).

  7. I use them for hot pads! Just a few unused ones that were an odd size for my son, but they are perfect under casseroles!!