Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Baby Gift #1 {Yarn Along}

05 February 2014

Baby Gift #1 {Yarn Along}

On Friday, there is a baby sprinkle at a friend's house. At church this past year, 5 women have had/are having babies, but only four of the women will be at the shower. The fifth had her baby earlier this week. One person said, "That the shower is not a sprinkle; it's a thunderstorm."

I decided to knit a "Dr. Seuss" themed hat using the Basic Baby Hat pattern, but I have been told it looks like a "Where's Waldo?" hat instead. Not what I was going for, but I'm not going to change the gift last minute. Tomorrow, I hope to sew a bandanna bib using the fabric behind the hat.

Last Thursday, I went to a thrift store with my MIL and bought Square Foot Gardening. I started reading it on Sunday and highly recommend it, especially if you want to garden, but have limited space. The summer Drew and I were engaged, I had a small 5 X 2.5 ft. area at my parents' house that my mum said I could use as a vegetable garden. I already used lots of the suggestions in this book, and it's a nice reminder that I don't need a huge space to have a garden. 

What are you reading or knitting?
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  1. That is a cute hat. It's perfect for celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday. Where did you get the fabric for the bib?

  2. So cute! Now this is the second time I've heard about a baby "sprinkle" - is this the new thing?

  3. Awww, cute hat! I'm currently crocheting a baby blanket for a baby shower on Friday night...it's not going to be done :/


  4. Yes, Where's Waldo is what first came to mind when I saw the hat. Cute!

  5. Such a clever idea your Dr. Seuss gift is! The wee beanie is adorable and I'm sure the momma will be delighted! We have an old copy of Square Foot (belonged to my dad who is a master in the garden) and have gleaned so much from it! Happy gardening, Sarah! :)