Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Currently {February 24, 2014}

24 February 2014

Currently {February 24, 2014}

Thinking about the various families that we know {personally or through our church prayer chain} who are grieving and suffering. We have recently heard of many deaths within the last few months-three of them sudden. It is a reminder that we do not know the time of our death and need to be ready.

Drew, Charis, and I went to a visitation two weeks ago. While there, Charis was telling me that people die because of sin and that God punished Jesus because of sin. I'm thinking, "She's been listening to what I say!!!" So often, it seems that it goes over her head or she's more interested in something else. It's a joy to see the simple, small blessings of a child who seems to understand. We still pray for her soul and Justin's soul daily.

Listening to my husband talk about politics in the Ukraine. This should not come as a surprise to me, since he's getting his PhD in political science, but it still surprises me at time.

Reading Why miscarriage matters if you're pro life.

The blogger compares and contrasts things that are said about aborted babies to babies who have miscarried. My favorite quote in Rachel's post is:
What if you were consistent? What if all your actions when dealing with loss of any kind, affirmed that fact that all life -- ALL LIFE -- is good, worthy of recognition and worthy of grief. 
As one who has not lost any baby/babies, I have often said or thought clueless things when it comes to friends who've had miscarriages. I have definitely been at fault for saying, "At least she was only X amount of weeks along," as if that could make the grief easier. It has been at least 4+ years since uttering those words, but when I think back on the times I have said them, I regret doing so. They cheapen the baby's life and the mama's grief. What is often needed is to weep with those who weep and to pray for the family.

Thankful for the fact that I was FINALLY able to pull out my sewing machine. On Saturday, I made two bandanna bibs-one for Lil' J and the other for a friend's baby.

Bandanna Bib
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  1. That bib is so cute! That looks like a fun sewing project, hopefully I can find time to pull out my sewing machine.

  2. I just read that same article about miscarriages. I too have never had a miscarriage so I really benefited from her words!

    Ohh and I love your bib! I've always admired mamas that can sow!! :)

    Thanks for linking up with us. Mary // A Mama Collective

  3. I need to read that article! But don't feel bad for saying what you said- people said that to me when I had my miscarriage a few months ago, and it didn't hurt my feelings. I have friends who lost babies who were much further along and I know it had to be harder for them, so in a way, those words are true. Thanks for linking up!

  4. Miscarraige is tricky. I had several, sadly and only have one living child. I'm blessed, I don't mean that like it may have sounded. He is my gift. My world. That said - I never got my feelings hurt by people's words. No one ever knows what to say anyway. At least they try to understand. I've miscarried early and I've miscarried at almost 5 months. And I can tell you - the later was worse than any of them. It just was. I was always happy for friends who could get and stay pregnant. I just don't have the kind of heart to not meet people where they are. I knew I'd get my miracle.
    People are far too sensitive. SO please do not beat yourself up. Truly!
    Switching gears - that bandana bib is darling. It would be a good hair cover for a little girl. Sweetness.


  5. Thank you for reading my blog! And I agree, don't beat yourself up. The reason I wrote wasn't to make people feel guilty, but to help them have words and the right heart when encountering someone with a loss. And it sounds like you already have the right heart down.

    Thank you again.