Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Currently {February 3, 2014}

03 February 2014

Currently {February 3, 2014}

Thinking about: Thankful for {almost} finishing a cardigan for a friend's baby. It's being blocked now, and I need to sew on some buttons. I'm also thankful that I finished a knit hat over a week ago. I need to sew a bandanna bib and figure out what to knit for another baby for this Friday's sprinkle. 

Reading: Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew. Mel goes into what a square foot garden is: 

  • A garden based on squares instead of rows
  • He encourages you to plant herbs and flowers in square foot gardens-not just vegetables
  • Taking advantage of spacing when planting. Plant items that need more space next to items that don't need as much space
I have been wanting this book since Drew and I were dating, but never bought it because we are not in a place where we can have a square foot garden; our condo association rules state that food is not to be grown on balconies. Of course, I've broken that rule by planting some things in plant containers, but I haven't wanted to go to a huge amount of work and set it up only to be told I have to take it down.

Listening to: Jars of Clay Christmas Songs. Yes, I know Christmas was just over, but I like listening to the music year round. 

Watching: Not watching anything. Though, I plan on watching the latest episode of Downton Abbey this afternoon while Charis is sleeping. It's a dreary day and Charis has already asked to watch The Hobbit-she's her father's daughter. But, I'm trying to focus her attention on other areas of life-toys, coloring, helping mama, reading books, etc.

Thankful for: Water and Coffee! I try to drink at least half a liter of lemon water before drinking coffee. I have to remind myself to drink water. When I was about 20 weeks pregnant, I was at Jo-Ann Fabrics and felt my uterus tighten every so often. At first I ignored it, but realized I had not had a lot of water that day. So, I went out to the van and got my Nalgene bottle, drank 3/4 of a liter, and the tightening stopped. I have to remember to drink because dehydration can cause preterm labor. 

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  1. Want to come up and do my garden when our short growing season gets here? I love a beautiful flower bed, but I kill plants by touching them. ;-)

  2. Square foot Gardening.. something I am going to attempt this spring!

  3. Square foot gardening sounds like a good read. I have the opposite of a green thumb but maybe if I do enough research I can keep something alive.

  4. First of all, love the new blog design! Thanks for mentioning Square Foot Gardening. I want to start a garden and this is something worth exploring. I think it looks nicer than rows

  5. While I'm a little stressed to be moving in two weeks, I'm happy because a.) it's an old cottage from the 1800s, and b.) there is a large fenced-in garden plot in the incredibly spacious yard. We'll finally have a garden again!

    I'll make time for knitting once we've moved ;)

  6. I love that you're listening to Christmas songs. I've got a ton on my ipod and catch myself singing along throughout the year as I leave the playlist in shuffle.

  7. I seriously love your blog!! And i love this - EVERYONE loves Downton Abbey but I haven't gotten into it yet!! Maybe I should get it a try! :)

  8. Oh that book sounds like something I need. Hmmm.
    I'm a water/coffee girl too. Lemon sounds nice.
    And I envy that you can knit or crochet (whichever it is). I'm not talented like that. Truly!

  9. water and coffee are like crack to me haha. I need to remember to drink water before coffee though like you. There is literally nothing better to me than sitting down and enjoying a nice hot coffee (with tons of cream of course) while reading or listening to something. It's the best.

    Thanks for linking up with us again :) I love reading day-to-day of everyone! And I have to go catch last week's ha!

  10. You are so smart to force yourself to drink water BEFORE your coffee! I must, must start doing that. And I am so behind with Downton Abbey! I haven't started the new season yet. I'm just too scared after last season so I'm stalling. ;)