Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Ravellenic Games {Yarn Along}

26 February 2014

Ravellenic Games {Yarn Along}

While the Olympics were going on, I was participating in the 2014 Ravellenic Games and was part of Team Geeky Girls Knit. I completed 6 {small} projects the last two weeks.

Top left to right:

1. Cake Head: Knit for my niece. My SIL and I are both pregnant-due two weeks apart. She's having a baby girl, and I'm having a baby boy. This project was made with yarn out of my stash.

2. Little Treasures Rainbow Pouch: Knit for one of my daughter's friends. Her birthday was early January, and I had not given her any gift. Christmas was just over, and I had limited motivation to knit. I used circular needles for this bag, since I strongly DISLIKE seaming. I cast on 60 stitches on size 10 needles and just knit. It was an easy, mindless project to do. Good for traveling. This project was made with yarn out of my stash.

3. Felipe: Knit for Lil' J. Easy directions, and I did not have any trouble understanding the pattern. If I were to knit another Felipe, the only thing I'd do differently is to use a kitchener stitch to join the shoulders, instead of a three needle bind off.

Bottom left to right: 

1. Quick Slip Cowl FroggedCharis wanted a cowl like her mama’s, so I decided to knit her one. The problem is, I COMPLETELY messed up the first 10-20 rows because I had been slipping stitches as if to knit {not purl like the pattern says}. It’s been sitting because I need to frog it and start over again. Entered into EventUnwind.

2. Two Needle Cable Knit Booties: I will make a few changes next time I knit these. I had a hard time understanding the directions at first. When it came to the directions for the top of the booties, it had, "k15, p2, k4, p2, k1, leave remaining sts unworked." Then it gave the directions for Rows 1-12, so I assumed wrongly, that I needed to turn it then, but the numbers were not making sense. I had to go back and re-read the pattern. I realized that I was not yet told to turn. 

I disliked that the pattern was seamed. I'd do a provisional cast on stitch and join using a kitchener stitch when finished with the project. Second, I'd probably add another cabled section. Third, I'd use DPN when I knit the ribbing of the sock. This project was made with yarn out of my stash.

3. Hearts: I had not planned to knit this, but decided to last minute for my daughter as a belated Valentine's Day gift. Every time she sees me knitting, she asks, "Mama, who are you knitting for?" Usually the answer is her baby brother or someone else, so I decided to knit this and tell her that, "Mama loves you." This project was made with yarn out of my stash.

What are you reading or knitting?
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  1. You should receive a gold metal, those are great knits.

  2. Wow - you got a lot of knitting done! A gold medal goes to you for sure. I miss the Olympics now.

  3. What amazing projects! I love knitting small bags for my daughter. She seems to need a new one every few weeks...or maybe I just want to knit her something incredibly easy and fast...

  4. I agree with Tracey -- gold medals for each project! Even the frogged one. :)

  5. How amazing, I sure wish I was that talented. And congrats on the upcoming babies!

  6. These are very cute. I wish I was able to knit, crochet, or even sew. You're quite talented.

  7. Great knits. I am sure all the recipients are very appreciative.

  8. Those are so awesome! I want to learn how to knit - it is more difficult than crochet?

  9. Gosh, I used to knit so much before my second child was born. In fact, while I was in labor with her, I wound up knitting 4 scarves that i gave as Christmas gifts that year. I need to get the needles out and start again, it's so relaxing!