Wife, Mummy, Nurse: 40 Bags in 40 Days De-cluttering Challenge

04 March 2014

40 Bags in 40 Days De-cluttering Challenge

Starting tomorrow {March 5}, I'm planning on joining White House, Black Shutters in a 40 bags in 40 days de-cluttering journey. As I wrote yesterday, I'm already in a purging mood-I need to clean and get rid of our "junk". It's not junk, but to me it's in the way and needs to get out. 

It often seems like I have a hard time breathing-not really. We don't have space for everything and I thought I was over the hurdle, but Christmas came and Charis received LOTS of toys from family-most of which I either returned to the store without a receipt or gave away. I have learned one thing from Christmas 2013-next year I'm going to put clothes that Charis will need for the next size up. A few things I hope to do...
  • Get rid of Charis's clothes to the thrift store-to family members who hoped I'd hand down clothes, sorry that's not happening. I will not keep them in our tiny apartment for the next 6-10 weeks before Lil' J comes.
  • Clean the pantry-get rid of food {thankfully there's not too much} that has long since expired.
  • Wipe down the kitchen cupboards-get rid of a lot of our mugs.
Will you be joining me and others in this challenge?
I'm looking forward to it. Thankfully, the bags can be any size.
The good news is Sundays are OFF, even if they weren't I was going to take them off. 


  1. OH man, I totally need this! Off to check it out now.


  2. I need to do something like this. We have so much crap...err...stuff sitting in our basement "for the yard sale" that it's to the point where we can't put anything else down there. I've been slowly selling one item at a time in Facebook yard sale groups but I just want it gone!

  3. My daughter's 4H club is having a garage sale this weekend. I hate cleaning out because it always makes such a MESS but I am thankful for the motivation to get rid of stuff!