Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Currently {March 10, 2014}

10 March 2014

Currently {March 10, 2014}

Thinking about what projects I want to make for my children-Charis and Lil' J-before Lil' J is born. I'd like to make a rag quilt for my son {using flannel that I bought ages ago and have not done anything with} and a mug rug for Charis {using fabric scraps from previous projects}. Charis enjoys drinking pink herbal tea or lemon water while I drink my tea or coffee. I think she'd enjoy getting a mug rug, plus it can double as a small placement for snacks.

Reading Meet Felicity to Charis. Growing up I loved reading the American girl series.

Listening to shape note singing with my husband-not my favorite thing to listen to, but he enjoys it, so I'll listen along with him.

Watching The Little Princess with Charis earlier today; she enjoyed watching it. I forgot how many things were different in the Shirley Temple version compared to the book. Hopefully, The Little Princess will be a book I'll read to Charis soon {I need to read the other books I borrowed from the library first}.

Thankful for the four bags that are in the van, hopefully going to the thrift store tomorrow. The two bags of trash and the bag of recycling that has gone out of the apartment. There's still MUCH to do for the #40bagsin40days challenge, but it's slowly happening.

I'm also thankful for the small raise my husband received from his tutoring job; I have frustrations with his work, but he enjoys it and it's a way God has provided for us.

Charis watching The Little Princess. Excuse the mess, I wish
my apartment was clean and organized enough to be in a Martha Stewart
magazine, but it's not.

Ironic that as I'm trying to get rid of clutter, I buy three items on
clearance at Target-a pair of pants {5T} for Charis, a Cherokee
shirt {12 mos} for Lil' J, and a Christmas gift for my niece.
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  1. Stopping by from the "currently" link-up. What a darling blog you have here! I can't wait to read more. I like the idea of 40 bags in 40 days challenge. My home could use a little de-cluttering too!

  2. 40 bags in 40 days - what an awesome challenge. I don't think I have enough stuff for something like that, but I bet I could double it if I tried...I hate clutter. I don't think I realized there was a Little Princess book - I hope Aria will sit still long enough for me to read chapter books to in the future! I've never seen the Shirley Temple movie but I saw the Disney one..I think Disney. Loved it when I was a kid.

    Stopping by from the link up.

  3. I'm glad your house is messy and cluttered and that you arnt afraid to show that. Mine is too and it lessens the pressure to have it all together. We can just be our messy, beautiful selves! Thanks for linking up with us!

  4. The Little Princess is such a great movie! I should show that to my daughter.

  5. Great start on spring cleaning with that 40 bags challenge! Have a big yard sale!

  6. A rag quilt, what a fabulous idea. Then you don't have to worry about staining and the wear & tear that only a little one can create :-) It is great to be thankful for what we have in our lives, I don't reflect enough. I think I will change that today.