Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Currently {March 17, 2014}

17 March 2014

Currently {March 17, 2014}

Thinking about My to do list this week. My brother and SIL are staying at our apt. on Thursday and Friday night. They are attending a PCA Mercy Ministry Conference about 10-15 minutes away from our place, so they plan on sleeping on our pull out couch. I need to get the place more de-cluttered and clean!! One annoying thing about purging is it often gets messier before it gets better, and I am partly tempted to just throw everything in a bag or two and stick it in a closet, but in the long run, I'd be more annoyed if I did that.

Also thinking about the brevity of life. There was an acquaintance who was killed about a week ago in a major car accident. I knew her from my childhood. She and her family would visit her husband's family in Iowa, and I remember playing with her son. The last time I saw this person was at our church's international conference about two years ago. No, I didn't know her well, but I've been praying for her family, that God would comfort them.

Reading The Boxcar Children to my daughter. Growing up, I remember pouring, after I learned to read, over these books in elementary school. The chapters are short, the print is large, and it keeps my daughter's attention span for at least 1-2 chapters at a time. Plus, she likes looking at the "pictures" {silhouettes} and often asks questions about them.

Listening to a reading of Jefferson's sons, a piece of historical fiction by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley.

Watching Little Dorrit, a 2008 BBC adaptation of a book by Charles Dickens.

Thankful for the small accomplishments I have made preparing for Lil' J's arrival.

  • Taking four bags of items to the thrift store
  • Cleaning most our most of the kitchen cupboards and boxing up over half of our mugs and glasses.
  • Boxing up a few boxes of books. 
  • The 3 meals I have in the freezer for after the baby {homemade meatballs, salmon pasta dish, and meatloaf}.

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