Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Currently {April 14, 2014}

14 April 2014

Currently {April 14, 2014}

Thinking about needing to go to the bathroom... Yes, that was probably TMI, but these days, it seems that all I need to do is drink water, go to the bathroom, repeat every 30 minutes.

The occasional Braxton Hicks contractions I sometimes get, usually when my bladder is full. When I was pregnant with Charis, I did not get any Braxton Hicks contractions, but with Lil' J, they started around 34-35 weeks. Thankfully, I have not had any signs of labor though. I'm one of the few women I know that does not want to give birth before her due date. Yes, people think I'm crazy, and I get annoyed at the questions, "Are you ready for the baby to come?" I answer honestly, "No." Then they act shocked, "Why? You NEED to be ready." Meanwhile, I'm thinking, "Why are you asking if you have no interest in why I'm not ready and want to give me your opinion. People need to be better listeners {including me}."

Reading. I must confess I have not started reading anything new. I should probably go on to my library and see if they are any books I want to listen to. These days, I prefer to be cleaning, relaxing {while knitting and watching a television program}

Listening to Charis singing, "Let it go. Let it go." as she's twirling around and around. Yes, she has definitely seen Frozen way too many times.

Watching Call the Midwife. Last week's episode caused a flood in our apartment. I cried and cried and cried. They need to have a warning on their episodes, "Warning: Watching this show might start flooding as a result of crying."

Thankful for breezes and fans. Yesterday it was so hot, at least to this pregnant woman. Our AC is not yet on, but thankfully God sent breezes today, and a few years ago, He provided fans for us which have been on throughout the day.

A pair of cotton baby socks I knit for Lil' J.

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  1. I love the name Charis! One of my best friend's name is Cherith... Is Charis from the river in Scripture?

  2. Charis is a pretty name. Best Wishes.

  3. Awww. Love the adorable socks!! Good luck!!!

    1. Thanks! I love knitting. It's a therapy for me. ;)

  4. AHH! this! I HATE when people ask me if I'm ready and I say no- I get "the look" if I don't get the, "well you better get ready!" Usually I follow up with an always useful, "is anyone EVER ready?" which calms these nosy strangers down, but really, people need to stop!

  5. Ha! I loved this, Sarah. I am RIGHT there with you with being okay with waiting for baby to come! Lay off me, people! That's what I wanted to say. Also, I tried watching Call the Midwife and didn't get why everyone loves it so much?! But I only watched the first episode I think. Maybe I should give it another try...

    Thanks for linking up with us :) ~Jenna