Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Seaglass Scarf {Yarn Along}

02 April 2014

Seaglass Scarf {Yarn Along}

On Sunday night, I cast on the seaglass scarf for an Instagram craft swap {#YarnStitchSwap} that I'm participating in. I love the look of this scarf/kerchief, especially the edges {which I have not taken a photograph of}; they look like waves coming in from the sea. I'll also need to do some major blocking after casting of because it's curling like crazy. My only concern is the scarf not being long enough to wrap around the neck; I may need to make some type of closure to remedy this.

Yesterday was gorgeous. Charis and I went to the park for an hour, and we were the only ones there. Sometimes I have no idea how she can have that much energy. Usually, I also go walking on the trails, but since we had prayer meeting, I wanted to go home and have Charis and I nap for an hour or two.

What's on your needles?
Join me over at Ginny's Yarn Along.


  1. Isn't it fun to have the park to yourselves sometimes? Can't wait to see your scarf when it's finished...so interesting!

  2. I tried that pattern twice, made it 50% longer the second time and it was still to short :( I need to unravel it and do something else.