Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Currently {May 26, 2014}

26 May 2014

Currently {May 26, 2014}

Thinking about how blessed we are. After Justin's birth, I've felt the tightness of our apartment even more. Last week while I was on the phone with my dad, I was started crying because I was hungry, tired, and discouraged. I was discouraged by the boxes that were lying around in our place and wanted them out, but there was no where to put them. He said, "If you want, your mother and I can come down after church on Sunday and bring back the boxes to Pennsylvania." Later that night I spoke with Drew and he said, "Take them up on the offer. It will help ease your mind"

Reading nothing new. One of the drawbacks {a minor one} with having a baby is that I want to sleep more than read. Though, I found a Jeffrey Archer book on CD that my dad lent me about 4 months ago that I have not listened to yet. Hopefully tomorrow, I'll bring it in from the van and start listening. Sometimes at 2AM, I want something to help me stay awake at least enough to switch my son over to the other breast to nurse.

Listening to the quietness. Baby noises, footsteps above, typing keys... Sometimes just listening to the stillness is wonderful.

Watching NCIS: Los Angeles.

Thankful for 

  • My parents. It's about a 5 hour drive from their place to ours, and they came down to MD and went back to PA on Sunday. Of course, a plus was seeing their grandson for the first time-other than photos on Facebook.
  • Drew's parents. His mom is still down here-until the end of this week, and his dad for being willing to be away from his wife for 3+ weeks. 
  • That Drew made it safely to PA. He drove to PA today because he's speaking at a conference in Canada tomorrow. He'll be leaving his parents' house around 6 AM tomorrow, attending a session, presenting a paper, and driving back to PA tomorrow night. 
A nice small perk from being a Purex Insider.

Only the 1048th picture I've taken of him.

Granny and Grandad gave her this ballerina shirt;
she loves it.
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