Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Undercover Mama {Review}

08 May 2014

Undercover Mama {Review}

This is a sponsored post.

When Charis was born, I was scared to death about nursing in public. I had {have} stretch marks all over my abdomen and did not want others to accidentally see my "scarred" belly. Since then, I have come to embrace them and see it as a blessing from God that I'm able to have children. Plus add the fact that we were both new to breastfeeding, I was a nervous wreck. When I invested in nursing camis to wear underneath shirts, I could not find a bright color; they were either black, grey, or white.

Undercover Mama was invented by moms, for moms. Undercover mama is a strapless nursing shirt that can attach to any bra-nursing and non-nursing. The basic nursing shirt comes in 13 different color options. All shirts come with two attachments:
You attach Undercover Mama shirts to the outer flap of a top-opening nursing bra by sliding each hook onto the flap a little below the clasp. Usually it will slide on just below the seam where the bottom of the clasp is sewn to the bra. You want to push enough material into the hook so it is snug. On most bras you can slide the hook clear on so that the entire width is inside the hook, but even if the strap is too wide to fit completely in, it still works just fine. You can also slip the hook of the Undercover Mama on to the strap of your bra instead of the flap. Keep in mind with this option you will need to unhook the Undercover Mama each time you nurse.
It's recommended that your shirt fit snugly, and if you need to exchange for a different size, they offer hassle-free exchanges.

I was hoping to try it out breastfeeding, but Lil' J has not been born yet. I'll write a brief update on how it worked while breastfeeding. I love the many different, bold colors. So far, I have pink and blueberry and would love to get more.

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I received a basic nursing top for the purpose of this review.
All opinions are my own, and I was not compensated in any way.