Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Currently {June 9, 2014}

09 June 2014

Currently {June 9, 2014}

Thinking about how I was often smug before becoming a mother. There were things I swore I would never do. One was giving my daughter my Apple device so I could get 15 minutes of sleep. Don't worry, I have a protective case, plus she has no clue what my passcode is. The only thing she's able to do is take photographs with it. I have decided that God brings these things to mind to humble me and to learn never to say never.

Reading The BFG to Charis. I'm trying to read to her while I'm nursing her brother. It might only be a page or two at a time, but I decided I don't want to push her away just because her brother is eating. Plus, it helps prevent her from poking her brother and trying to smother him with love and affection.

Listening to sermons preached by men who are candidating at church. I officially do not like having a vacant pulpit and look forward to the day when we have a pastor.

Watching nothing, and it's great.

Thankful for my children. Last Monday, I was feeling sorry for myself. I had not slept well the night before because Lil' Man woke up every two hours. Then I found out a friend's baby died from SIDS. I hate death, especially when it involves children. I cried and prayed for B & A on and off for hours; our babies were about two months apart.

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