Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Currently {July 21, 2014}

21 July 2014

Currently {July 21, 2014}

Thinking about projects I want to sew and knit for my daughter's 4th birthday which is less than one month away!! Is she really going to be 4??? Will I actually be able to do the 3-4 projects I have planned? We'll see. It depends on a number of things. Will we find a place to move into? How will Lil' J be acting? How much sleep am I willing to sacrifice?  

Reading technically I'm not "reading" too much these days. Rather, I'm listening to books. This mama wants to use her free time both to knit and read.

Listening to books on CD and overdrive. I finished listening to: Murder in Mesopotamia by Agatha Christie and The Litigators by John Grisham.

Watching Frozen. Kind of. With my husband away 12+ hours during the week working as a tutor and on his dissertation, there are often times I am not able to take a shower when he's there. So, when Lil' J is napping, I often put Frozen in the DVD player to let my daughter watch it for the 10-20 minutes I'm showering. I'm thankful it's going back to the library because this mama can only put up with watching/listening to it 20 minutes each day, but Charis loves having it as a "babysitter" while mama's in the shower.

Endeavour on PBS. My new favorite British television show featuring Shaun Evans as a younger Inspector Morse. 

Thankful for
Our CSA box again this summer.
Drew's willingness to try new things I cook.
Our home. This one is hard for me to be thankful for because I want a bigger place, but we have a roof over our heads, running water, AC, a place to sleep, etc.
Cooler weather we had last week. Charis, Justin, and I went on at least 4 walks. Since we only have one reliable vehicle and a one bedroom apartment, I often have cabin fever and getting out is important.

That one of the job applications Drew filled out will bite, and that he will be offered a job.
For Drew's dissertation. He has a defense pencilled in for early December.

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