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17 July 2014

Lalabu {Review}

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In 2006, I went to Uganda for 6 weeks on a mission trip. While there, I saw a lot of women wearing their babies, but at the time thought it was a weird idea and thought, "I'd never babywear." Fast forward to 2010, I was expecting my first baby and read that parents who wore their children had happier babies. I put a baby wrap on my registry and received that wrap as a gift. But when I actually tried using it, I realized there was a high learning curve, and being the sleep deprived, emotional mom I was, ended up not using it like I thought I would, especially during the first few months.  I knew with my next baby, I wanted something different during the first few weeks-months.
Lalabu was started by Keri Fosse; in 2009, she and her husband went to Burkina Faso, Africa. While they were in Africa, Lalabu, their host, taught Keri how to wear one of Lalabu's sons on her back. Upon returning to the states, she noticed the wraps and carriers in the US were often cumbersome to wear and sought a solution that would allow new moms to enjoy wrapping their newborns without the complexity.

The Soothe shirt was born. It is...
Worn as a shirt, the built-in pouch comforts your newborn. When not in use the pouch flattens back into the shirt creating a shapely cover over the built in nursing bra.
The Soothe shirt comes in three colors: rich purple, pure black, and heather gray, ranging from Size XS-XL. Sizing is based on your bust measurement. Other features include:
  • Stylish top, cozy pouch, nursing bra
  • Simple pouch soothes newborns
  • Built-in nursing bra for breastfeeding
  • Made in USA
  • Can be used until a baby is about 15 lbs. 
This shirt is not meant to be hands free; you should still keep at least one hand on your baby while he's in the pouch.

I was sent a Soothe shirt for review. I did not wear it as often as I thought I would during the first 3 weeks, thanks to my MIL helping us out in Maryland, but once she left, this shirt became a lifesaver. My husband works 12+ hour days between his tutoring and dissertation work, so it was just my two children and me at home. I was able to do simple activities around the house with my daughter {reading, coloring, building with Duplos and Tinker toys, etc.}, while keeping my son close to me. If he was not asleep before going into the pouch, he would often fall asleep shortly after putting him in and walking around for a few minutes. Since this top has a built in nursing bra, I was able to nurse my son, though I had to take him out of the pouch. At my son's two month appointment this week, he was 13 lbs. 12 oz.; sadly, he was not be able to go in the pouch much longer.

The one drawback with this shirt is the length; I wish it were longer. My torso is longer than most, and I found it sometimes showed an inch of my lower belly depending on what pants or skirt I wore.

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I was sent the Soothe shirt for the purpose of this review.
All opinions are my own, and I was not compensated in any way.

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  1. Sarah -

    I loved reading your story. Its amazing how much we change through the journey of our lives. What we believed before we became mothers and what we believe now.

    I've included your review in my post, "9 Reviews Expecting Mamas Should Read". Click here to check it out: http://kiddokorner.com/blog/9-reviews-expecting-mamas-should-read.html.

    Keep being the amazing mama you are! You were made for this!

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