Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Currently {August 11, 2014}

11 August 2014

Currently {August 11, 2014}

Thinking about an update on our housing situation is that there's nothing to report. We've looked at three different places and decided not to pursue them for various reasons. For two of the apartments, Drew's commute to work would have been 20-25 minutes longer. The other apartment, the location was not the best, plus there was no laundry in the building. We're still looking and praying for a different place to live.

My baby is three months old today!! Time has flown by so fast, and he's already in 6 month clothes. Charis still loves him, but she dropped him the other day. Thankfully, he was less than 6 inches off the ground and did not hit any hard surfaces going down. He immediately started crying-a good sign, and I swooped him up and nursed him which solved all his troubles.

Reading The Racketeer by John Grisham. I am a John Grisham fan, but this book is not my favorite. I don't want to giveaway the story line. So, I'll briefly mention the pros and cons. Pro: It kept my attention in the plot twist, but I could also smell something fishy in the deal Malcolm Bannister made with the feds. Cons: Why is it that authors feel the need to have sex scenes in books? I found myself skipping a few pages here and there. Even though a book is fiction, I would still like their to be some truth to the story. For example, Malcolm was a prisoner at a prison camp in Frostburg, MD, but there's NO prison camp in Frostburg. There are many more examples, but I won't bore you with the details. I know it's fiction, but you still need to research if you want a book to be believed. In the end, the protagonist is just a thug himself. I do not recommend this book; Grisham has several other books I enjoy and would read before reading this.

Listening to the hum of the dishwasher.

Thankful for Charis's thoughtfulness. On Saturday, we went to Target and browsed through the dollar spot. She spotted Frozen socks and wanted a pair. I told her, "They're too small for your feet." She asked, "Can we please get some for M. and K. {her girl cousins}?" I told her, "Yes. You can give them to them for Christmas." So, she's giving her cousins socks for Christmas.

Sabbath afternoon naps. We were ALL able to get rest yesterday.

Simple meals. Last night, I made a lentil rice dish, and it was hearty and delicious. So often the meals I like the most are those where I don't use a recipe; I just brown some meat, add veggies, and a starch and cook. I don't have to go back and forth from a recipe to the stove and back again.

Praying for 
Drew's dissertation; he was able to get a lot accomplished on Saturday night, which meant he did not sleep too much. 
Balance and wisdom. My husband has a lot on his plate, with his responsibilities-job search, dissertation, being a husband and father.
Patience for me. The end of Drew's studies is in sight, but I should not look longingly for the days to come and ignore the blessings going on now.

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