Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Currently {August 25, 2014}

25 August 2014

Currently {August 25, 2014}

Thinking about {or trying not to worry} the lease we plan on signing tomorrow. We found a slightly bigger apartment! It's less than two blocks away from our current place, has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and is a month to month lease. One of our fears with finding another place was signing a year long lease, especially with Drew being so close to being finished with his PhD. We didn't want to sign something that would tie our hands into being hear over the next year, assuming Drew was able to find a full time job elsewear after being finished.

Listening to Jars of Clay Christmas Songs. Yes, I know. It's AUGUST. My younger version, as a teenager/college student, would be appalled, but I confess, I love listening to Christmas music. Now I love Christmas. Late fall/early winter, you will find me furiously trying to finish knitting gifts. This year I am trying to buy more on sale, not demand. When the season ends, I buy some clothes for my nieces and nephews for next season.

Reading nothing new. I finished listening to The Testament, which is my favorite Grisham book. Now, I'm waiting on books from the library.

Thankful for seven hours of sleep the last two nights! Earlier last week, my baby was teething, miserable, and may have been going through a growth spurt. He woke up every 2 1/2-3 hours during the night, and I would pray Charis would not wake up when he fell asleep again in the morning. Lil' J. A year and one day ago, this positive pregnancy test was staring back at me. I had been so tired and assumed it was because we took a flying trip to Pittsbugh, PA for my brother's ordination, but on Saturday, when I still could not shake the tiredness, I decided to go buy pregnancy tests, assuming it would be a waste of money. My monthly cycle was only 2 days late, and I assumed it was just late. I immediately let two people know: Drew and my pastor's wife. Hyland's teething tablets and cuddle times with my baby. Like I wrote earlier. Justin has been miserable and cranky due to teething.

What's going on in your life?
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