Wife, Mummy, Nurse: How to Avoid Supplementing with Formula #Breastfeeding #Giveaway

02 August 2014

How to Avoid Supplementing with Formula #Breastfeeding #Giveaway

Yesterday, I wrote about the time my son had formula supplementation and went to the ER because he had not peed in over 24 hours. For various reasons, I decided to avoid supplementing Justin with more formula. He was peeing, and I was keeping a much closer eye on his outputs, which were in acceptable range. The next few days after he received formula, he seemed mad.

What did I do to avoid supplementation of formula?

Nursed on demand. In order for milk supply to increase, breasts need to be stimulated and fed Lil' J was he was showing signs of being hungry, such as opening and closing his mouth, bringing his hands up to his face, rooting, tilting his head towards my breast, and just being squirmy. Sometimes, it may seem that you're just a pacifier, but this will help increase your milk supply.

Lots of skin-to-skin. This promotes bonding and allows mothers to recognize their baby's needs earlier. I noticed Justin would look up at me more often when I was skin-to-skin with him; he would also nuzzle his way to my breast, so his feedings were naturally increased more.

Allowed my son to finish the first breast first before moving him to my other breast. Too often we get wrapped up in looking at the clock and automatically moving a baby to the other side after they have only been on for 15 minutes. We should allow the baby to finish the breast at his own pace; this allows him to get the fatty hindmilk. If my son fell asleep, I would compress the breast I was nursing him from, and he would often wake up and eat some more.

Ate more oatmeal. After Justin's birth, I was anemic; my hemoglobin went from a 12 to a 7.8. Being anemic can cause a low milk supply, and oatmeal has iron. Plus, it's actually a comfort food for me and helps me to relax.

For me, these things worked. The last time my son had formula was May 16, and even though the first few days were hard and tiring, it is definitely worth it.

What tips do you have to help avoid supplementing with formula?

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  1. We weren't able to breastfeed for various reasons (mostly serious latch problems and subsequent low supply) so we ended up going to formula full time. It worked for us and he's a happy healthy toddler. But I always support women who are trying their best to breast feed!

  2. I tried breastfeeding my first but we couldn't get the hang of it! :(

  3. I breastfeeded my kid till he turned 1 year old. Its really important for their immunity and overall development.