Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Humble Pie #Yarn Along

27 August 2014

Humble Pie #Yarn Along

Knitting at the park.
Last week, I had greats hopes that my daughter's cardigan would be finished by this week... but, I only knit 4 rows since last week. Why? I prefer my sleep over knitting. My son was teething A LOT last week. If Charis and Justin nap at the same time, I think, "Hallelujah. Thank you God." Then, I nap myself. Plus, Drew gets home late, so I try to stay up and talk to him for at least a few minutes. Tiredness=Less productivity in knitting.

I finished listening to The Testament on my iPod and am now listening to The Client. In case you have not figured it out, John Grisham is one my favorite authors.

I often borrow knitting books from the library. I flip through the books, if there's a pattern I want to knit someday, I favorite the pattern and add the tag library. The three books I currently have out are:

  1. Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines
  2. Mason-Dixon Knitting
  3. 60 Quick Knits from America's Yarn Shops
What are you knitting or reading?
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  1. Hi Sarah,love the color of your daughter's cardigan. Sometimes some projects take longer than others;)
    As for Grisham - I like his writing - I've read most of his books!
    Thank you for dropping by my blog with such a lovely comment!