Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Ups and Downs of my Crazy Life {Coffee Date}

14 August 2014

Ups and Downs of my Crazy Life {Coffee Date}

Life has been crazy, watching and interacting with my two children. Both demanding and pulling my attention. With an infant, it's sometimes easy to forget the older child. Thankfully, Charis has been dealing well with the change.

A few ups this last week: 

I applied to be an author at the Breastfeeding Place. My first post was published this week. Click over if you have ever been wondered, "Can a woman who has herpes breastfeed?"

Sleep. Drew, Charis, Justin, and I all napped the same time on Sabbath. Drew stayed up until an unmentionable hour working and writing. Drew usually does not nap, so I often look forward to resting for a solid hour while Drew watches Charis and Justin. On the way home from church, Drew announced, "I'm planning to take a nap this afternoon." I selfishly thought, "No. I want a nap." God was merciful in giving all of us sleep.

I drink my coffee with half and half, but last week, I ran out! For three days, I drank my coffee with milk, but it wasn't as creamy and enjoyable. I was thrilled when we finally bought more half and half.


I enjoy Christian fellowship and was disappointed to find out that prayer meeting was cancelled. At times prayer meeting can be discouraging because we have been praying, for what seems like forever {AKA a very long time}, for Drew to have a full time job. At prayer meeting, Satan tries to tempt me to think that God doesn't care, that Drew doesn't have a job because it's something he or I have done, and gets me longing for worldly things. But then I'm reminded that God is not a genie; He has a plan that is perfect and will bring Him glory and honor. We keep bringing the same prayers to God because we are to cast our burdens on Him, and He will sustain us.

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