Wife, Mummy, Nurse: September 2014

29 September 2014

Postpartum Pad #Giveaway

#PostPartumPadParty Giveaway

There's no better time than postpartum to convert to cloth pads. Or, perhaps you've already made the switch. Either way, winning a full stash of postpartum pads is a great way to start or boost your stash. You don't have to be pregnant or trying to conceive, either... postpartum pads are great for overnight or for your heavy flow days! Make sure you're attending Maman Loup's #PostpartumPad Facebook event to take advantage of 2-week's worth of flash giveaways and promotions! To read Maman Loup's postpartum pad reviews and related posts, click here.

17 September 2014

Test Knit #YarnAlong

On Ravelry, one of the groups I'm in is "The Testing Pool". I love this group. Designers post on the discussion board that they have a pattern that they want tested. Knitters come on and let the designers know that they would be willing to test knit the item. Or in some cases, we request to be earburned in the pattern is out. Test knitters knit the object following the pattern to a T and let the designer know if the pattern is clear, make suggestions for improvement, or tell the designer if they come across errors.

15 September 2014

¡Sabor! Spanish Learning Songs #Review

Two of Charis's loves are music and Spanish. A few ways we foster these loves are reading to her in Spanish from the Bible and various picture books, talking to her in Spanish-though mama needs more practice, letting her make music, attempting to talk in Spanish to an older lady at church, and playing ¡Sabor! Spanish Learning Songs.

Currently {September 15, 2013}

Thinking about how good God is in allowing us to not have to move out of our apartment within 2 weeks. Drew spoke with our landlord last week and explained the situation on why we are not able to move into our new place. We were told, "You can stay as long as you need to." I'm not surprised that he said that, but it's still a HUGE relief. Worst case scenario would have had me in Pennsylvania with family and Drew in Maryland until everything worked out.

10 September 2014

Barley Hat #YarnAlong

One of my childhood friends {E} married last August. His wife {L} is now expecting; she's due any day. I have always thought of E as an annoying younger brother. His dad is one of my dad's best friends, and his mother is one of my mum's best friends. We saw them every Sabbath at church and at our house 2-4 times/month. When I found out E and L were expecting, I thought, "I get to knit for another baby!!" My son was born and knitting went out the window. I was beginning to wonder, "Will I be able to knit something, anything for my friend's baby?"

09 September 2014

Currently {September 9, 2014}

She really does love her brother.
Thinking... or trying not to dwell on uncertainty. Last week, I was thinking about moving and all that I needed to do . Once our boxes arrived on Thursday, I started packing. I packed most of Charis's clothes in one box, but kept out six dresses, four tops, three pairs of pants out, and all her underwear. I told her she could open the box when we moved to the new place, and she could have a blue room. Now I'm not sure what is happening.

08 September 2014

Mug Swap '14

Every morning, I like to drink a cuppa joe with a little bit of half and half. I love mugs and have started collecting Starbucks mugs and china tea cups. So when sign ups were posted for the 2014 Mug Swap, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and particpate in the swap. In my form, I wrote that I preffered coffee over tea and LOVE all things chocolate.

03 September 2014

Braided Shorties #YarnAlong

I put The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter on the backburner this past week and completed the braided shorties for a friend's baby. They are freshly lanolized and are in the mail packaging ready to be shipped, once I get J.'s address. A plus was that I was able to stash bust on this project! Woohoo! My husband is happy.

02 September 2014

Cloth Works! #Giveaway

Nissa from Cloth Diaper Guru blog is a working mom and she is celebrating getting a new job!  If you're a busy parent, you know that Cloth WORKS! Cloth Diapers save money and they are great for the environment.  Cloth diapers can also be used in daycare centers.  Visit Cloth Diaper Guru blog for lots of tips on being a cloth diapering and working parent, and read Celeste's recent post for great how-to advice about cloth diapers and daycare.

01 September 2014

Currently {September 1, 2014}

Thinking about MOVING! We signed a lease last Tuesday for another apartment. This one is slightly bigger: 100+ extra square feet, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms. Since Drew is off on Fridays, we hope to do the bulk of our moving on September 19. I have to pack, but I'm waiting on the boxes I ordered to arrive tomorrow or Wednesday.