Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Braided Shorties #YarnAlong

03 September 2014

Braided Shorties #YarnAlong

I put The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter on the backburner this past week and completed the braided shorties for a friend's baby. They are freshly lanolized and are in the mail packaging ready to be shipped, once I get J.'s address. A plus was that I was able to stash bust on this project! Woohoo! My husband is happy.

I'm still listening to A Tale of Two Cities, and I'll probably want to listen to it again. I am having a hard time keeping up with all the characters. It's a book I have to listen to after Charis and Justin go to bed or go down for a nap.

What are you reading or knitting?
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  1. Very cute shorties! Congrats on getting a project done!

  2. I don't knit and I'm not much of a bookworm but I do needlepoint stuff, mostly tissue box covers and coasters and placemats, but I have a few other things I like to work on as well. You can see some of my work in my site's store if you're interested. I like needlepoint. Some people say they don't have the patience for it but I find it relaxing.

  3. Those are gorgeous! And something I'm completely not able to do. You crafty folk make me a little jealous from time to time. ;-)

  4. What a great project!! Did you knit or crochet these? I'd love to be so crafty, I can knit a bit...but scarves are typically my go-to. You're a fantastic friend and I hope the little pumpkin these are going to enjoys them!