Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Currently {September 15, 2013}

15 September 2014

Currently {September 15, 2013}

Thinking about how good God is in allowing us to not have to move out of our apartment within 2 weeks. Drew spoke with our landlord last week and explained the situation on why we are not able to move into our new place. We were told, "You can stay as long as you need to." I'm not surprised that he said that, but it's still a HUGE relief. Worst case scenario would have had me in Pennsylvania with family and Drew in Maryland until everything worked out.

I also need to get motivated again and start packing more stuff. Last week, I there were many times I thought, "Why bother?" I need to care because I need to be a good steward of my time and this apartment. If I have the energy to pack 1-2 boxes at night, I need to do so. Unfortunately, from Tuesday through Thursday of last week, I gave into temptation and was mopey and just doing the necessities. Now, I'm in a mood where we need to get rid of everything.

Thankful for 
A roof over our heads.
My son sleeping 11+ hours on Friday night,
and only waking up once through the night on Saturday.
Friends whose babies were born last week.
Goofing off with my daughter.

What's going on in your life?
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  1. Girl, I am so thankful for coffee too... and a roof over our heads :) Hope you have a lovely week! Stopping by from the currently link up! :)

  2. Hi! I'm stopping by courtesy of the "currently" link-up! God works in big and amazing ways... I am so glad to see that he has helped you to be able to have a place to live during the process of your move.

    And coffee is definitely something that I'm thankful for every. single. day!

    You have a great week! ;)

  3. Found you through the currently link-up...thanks for sharing how God is working in your life. And, amen - I am so thankful for coffee! Have a splendid week! :)

  4. SO glad to hear this!! We've been praying for you guys. Praise God your landlord is so understanding!

  5. What a sweet picture! Hope the move went well!