Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Currently {September 9, 2014}

09 September 2014

Currently {September 9, 2014}

She really does love her brother.
Thinking... or trying not to dwell on uncertainty. Last week, I was thinking about moving and all that I needed to do . Once our boxes arrived on Thursday, I started packing. I packed most of Charis's clothes in one box, but kept out six dresses, four tops, three pairs of pants out, and all her underwear. I told her she could open the box when we moved to the new place, and she could have a blue room. Now I'm not sure what is happening.

Last night, Drew received a phone call from our future landlady and was told to call her ASAP. Drew called on his way home from work. She told him that her previous renter was supposed to move out in early September, but the tenant refused to move out and told the landlord she might as well take steps to evict her. The landlady has started the necessary steps to evict the tenant, but that could take months. While I want the tenant to be evicted now, the other part of me realizes the law is there to protect tenants, but it means that other people {the landlady and us} suffer because of this squatter refusing to pay her rent and move out. Honestly, I have many choice words going through my head about her right now, but I will not be writing them down.

So, where does this put us? I have no clue. Drew plans on calling our current landlord this morning to explain the situation to him. I don't know what he'll do. He has told Drew a few times that he'd like to sell this place. I'm trying {unsuccessfully} not to be disappointed. So many times, I feel the walls are just crashing in on me when I'm here. There's very little space, and it gets cluttered very easily. I don't know what God wants us to learn. Does He want us to stay in our current place? Or does he want us to continue looking?

Praying for 
My attitude about the whole moving situation. 
I'm dreading the thought of telling Charis that we will 
not be moving to the apartment with the blue room.
That the tenant moves out.

What's going on in your life now?


  1. I'm so sorry you're going through this! Maybe that wasn't the right place for you and the perfect one will appear! Good luck!

  2. good luck with all of this. it can be so hard when you rent. there are times where i wish i didn't own but then owning has it's pros as well.

  3. Ugh! Sorry you have to go through this! My husband and I own an apartment building that we rent out, so I know what your future landlady is going through. No fun!