Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Currently {October 7, 2014}

07 October 2014

Currently {October 7, 2014}

Thinking about how excited I am our local library reopened!!! Last November it closed for renovations and was supposed to reopen in May... five months after it was supposed to reopen, it finally did. Yes, sometimes I love the efficiency of the government.

My next knitting project. On Saturday evening, Charis, Justin, and I went on a walk. I tried putting my son's hat on, but it was too small. I decided that after I finish my nephew's Christmas gift, I will knit a hat for my son. But, I have yet to decide on a pattern.

Watching videos on how to crochet edging on knitting. I am almost finished knitting my nephew's fox scarf for Christmas, but I would like to crochet around the ears before it's finished. The problem is, I have NO idea how to crochet.


That the YouTube videos will help me to crochet around the edge.

Thankful for

Tea parties
Walks to the park
Our library

Linking up at A Mama Collective.

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