Wife, Mummy, Nurse: What to Bring When Shopping at ALDI

02 October 2014

What to Bring When Shopping at ALDI

Yesterday, I wrote about four reasons I love shopping at ALDI. I have heard people complain about ALDI because they were not aware of what they needed to bring on their first shopping trip. If you have never shopped at ALDI, you will want to read these tips before going on your first grocery shopping trip:

  • Bring a quarter. In order to get a shopping cart, you have to insert a quarter. Don't worry, you'll get the quarter back after returning the cart. I actually like this because you don't see carts scattered throughout the parking lot. Plus, it helps cut down the cost of employing more people and the savings is passed on to the customer. ALDI does not have to send an employee out to retrieve carts. Call me crazy, but I actually LOVE the fact that a quarter is needed to get a cart. It reminds me of grocery stores {Tesco} in Northern Ireland, where a pound is needed to get a grocery cart.
  • Bring your own bags. Even before it was cool, ALDI was green. You can buy bags, but they will cost an extra 5-10 cents. 
  • Bring cash or a debit card. ALDI does not accept credit cards. I have seen people try to use a credit card, only to be told in the check out line that they are not accepted.
What would you recommend people bring when shopping at ALDI?


  1. They pay their employees well. Like 2x minimum wage! In our area, it's kind of like everyone's dirty little secret but it's not a secret. Everyone shops there-- doctors, lawyers, etc. It used to be shameful or people thought you were poor-- not anymore! It's smart to be thrifty!

  2. Yes you are right, thanks for sharing the info to Hearth and Soul blog hop.

  3. Haha yes! We just recently started shopping here and we love it!
    But yeah the first couple times, we always forgot the quarter and our bags lol. So funny.
    And I tried to pay with credit once. yeah didnt happen lol
    But I think we are pros now and I love most of their products, very good quality.