Wife, Mummy, Nurse: 21 Day Walk Challenge

06 November 2014

21 Day Walk Challenge

Before children I used to love Daylight Savings Time-but now, I very much dislike it. Before DST, after Charis and Justin woke up from their naps, we often walked to the park. Justin rode in the stroller, and I brought a jump rope to work out while Charis was playing at the playground and swings. But now since it gets darker, it is often too late to walk to the park.

On Monday morning, I saw Leslie Sansone posted a 21 Day Walk Challenge on her Facebook page. Woohoo!! This is just what I needed. I hope to get back into taking my children for walks, but I need to find the time that now best suits our needs. Monday afternoon, after both children woke up, we went to the library to borrow the DVDs suggested in this week's workout.

  • Monday night: I walked three miles to Walk to the Hits – Party Songs DVD. 
  • Tuesday night: I walked two miles to Burn 30 Segment - Walk It Off in 30 Days DVD.
  • Wednesday night: Walked three miles to the Blue, Yellow, and Green - Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan DVD.
A few reasons why you should consider walking at home with Leslie:
  1. She's from New Castle, PA. I lived in New Castle for 10+ years.
  2. You don't have to leave your house. These workouts can be done in your own home.
  3. It keeps you moving without excuses. Often people complain that they can't work out because of gym fees, they get home too late, it's dark outside, etc. With this, just pop the DVD into your player or download onto your computer.


  1. That's interesting! I always have excuses why I shouldn't go out for a walk ; too cold, too windy, too hot, kids need naps, etc. But I think that if I found a good multi segment cd to listen to I'd be more committed!

  2. I am so wanting to do this challenge but I have to wait until I get new knees, but I am trying to do little walks here and there and now you tell me I can just walk at home! This idea is genius! Thank you so much for the idea, I wonder if I can do them in like 15 min bursts?

    1. If you want to look into her DVDs, I'd see if your local library has them. Some of the moves on her DVDs are higher impact at times, but she says if you can't do that, just walk in place.

  3. I really need to get motivated to start walking! My energy is so horribly low. Good for you!

  4. The next time I go to the library i'm going to see if they have these.

  5. I always think of workout DVDs as being really high-intensity workouts. It's nice to think about more moderate exercise DVDs out there. I agree that Daylight Savings switching puts a damper on walking outside. I hate that it's getting dark so early these days!

  6. I miss walking! I'm currently on bed rest so I can't do anything.

  7. I really wish we could get outside. It's been below freezing here for about a week and the snow/ice is terrible. Enjoy! I try to do some Playstation 3 workouts when I can, which is rare! lol

  8. I dislike DST as well. It took my son quite a long time to adjust to his new bedtime.