Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Catch the Moment 365: Week 1

17 January 2015

Catch the Moment 365: Week 1

Last year, I started the year out by attempting a 365 photo project, but around February stopped posting the photos. This year, I hope to again post photos of our daily life. There are just taken with my iPod and will not be edited, other than having the date somewhere on the photo.

January 1: Charis, Justin, and I arrived back in Maryland around 5 PM. We were separated from Drew {Daddy} for about 2 weeks. Drew took us out to eat at Famous Dave's.

January 2: I'm participating in Apartment Therapy's January Cure. Assignment #1 was "Flowers & Floors", but in order to actually clean the floor, things need to be picked up. This is our entry way, and it's the first place to put clutter on when entering our apartment. Thankfully, the entry way is MUCH cleaner and clearer.

January 3: A picture of Charis's "bed". Since we live in a one bedroom apartment, it's a mattress on the floor in our bedroom. The Elsa blanket was a Christmas gift from Uncle L.

January 4: My mum received this homemade body butter as a gift from a student. I started using it in PA at Christmas, and she let me keep it. It's VERY moisturizing.

January 5: Justin has been less than impressed with baby food. He is supposed to be eating pears, but would rather have breastmilk. At my son's last well child visit, his pediatrician said, "If you give a breastfed baby a choice between the boob or baby food, they'll choose the boob." If you don't believe that he actually said that, my MIL is a witness.

January 6: Charis sometimes loves the camera, and at other times hides from the camera. Here she's hiding.

January 7: My little explorer is trying to pull himself up.

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  1. LOL @ your ped!!!! That's fabulous! Our 9 month old is less than thrilled with baby food as well. He's a little spoiled and would much rather nurse! I'm glad you're attempting the project again!

    1. I love my children's pediatrician. He's great.

  2. SO glad you are linking up again! :) Just love Justin's expression with the food!

  3. The baby food - so funny. How old is he? I was just looking back at some videos of Jonah not liking green beans and thinking about when ezra will start to eat "solids". Just thinking about how they will compare. I love all those little baby milestones and your ped is so right! haha