Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Hero DVD Review & Giveaway

09 January 2015

Hero DVD Review & Giveaway

This is a sponsored post. 

Recently Family Christian sent me the DVD Hero to review.

SynopsisHero is about Joe Finn, who left his family for seven years, to take a job in pursuit of his dream career. He returns to find that his wife has terminal cancer and is dying. She forgives him, but tells her husband that their son needs his dad around and that their son is not ready to forgive him.

Joe's son, David, has been coaching a little league team. David allows his father to assist in coaching his team. At one of the first practices Joe attends, he sees that baseball has changed; it is not as competitive as when he coached, plus the dads are not at the practices and games. David and Joe break their team from the little league team and form their own league. Joe encourages the dads to be involved in their son's life and has each dad sign a pledge.

Run time: 94 minutes

Not rated.

Review: Overall, I enjoyed this movie. It is a movie for the whole family, especially for children older than 10. It contains some themes that may be boring, not understood for younger children. The language is clean. I liked how it showed Joe looking back on his decision and realizing that it was not worth it; he missed valuable time with his family that he can not get back. It teaches the value of fathers in their sons lives, which is sadly lacking in many other movies and shows today. I thought it was ironic when Joe asked his David, "Where are the dads?", and Joe had done the same thing with his family. I wish he had taken steps to seek forgiveness from his son before trying to fix everyone else's life.

Family Christian is giving away a Hero DVD to someone on this blog! Enter below, via RC to win one for yourself or a family member.

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I received a copy of this DVD for review purposes.
All thoughts and opinions of this movie are mine, 
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