Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Sundance Lacy Hat

07 January 2015

Sundance Lacy Hat

Leading up to Christmas, I planned to knit my sister in law a mini shawl and even printed out 3 different patterns from Ravelry. But two weeks before Christmas, I went to my local public library and borrowed Classic Elite Quick Knits: 100 Fabulous Patterns for Wraps, Socks, Hats, and More. I changed my mind and decided to knit Jen the "Lacy Hat" pattern in the book.

On Ravelry, the frustrating thing with this book is that it only has 47 patterns listed under it, when it really should have 100. As I looked through other Classic Elite patterns on Ravelry, it looks like many of the patterns in this book came from a previous Classic Elite leaflet or booklet. I had to do some searching to find the actual project page for the pattern and its designer. In the book is pattern is listed as "Lacy hat", but on Ravelry, it's listed as "Sundance lacy hat."

If you have not bought this book or checked it out, I HIGHLY recommend you do so. The book is divided up into four sections: 1)Hats, Mittens, Gloves, 2)Socks, 3)Scarves, Cowls, Wraps, Shrugs, Capelets, and 4)Blankets, Bags, Toys. Some of the designers are names that I readily recognize, including Jared Flood, Susan Mills, and Kristen TenDyke. A few things that I like about this book: most of the patterns are practical, there are a variety of patterns in this book, and there's something for everyone-both adults and children. There are so many other beautiful patterns in this book, that I'm putting it in my Amazon wish list. One pet peeve that I have with this book is that it includes at least one crochet pattern, so the title is a little misleading by having the word "Knits" and not "Crochet".

What's your favorite knitting book?
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  1. Love this hat, looks like a great book. I really need to learn to knit :) Thanks for sharing with Oh My Heartsie Girls Wordless Wednesday!

  2. Great hat! Thanks for the book recommendation!

  3. Our library has a great selection of knitting books. I am going to look for this one. Thanks for the recommendation! I'm visiting from Booknificent Thursday.

  4. There are several people in my life who would love this book! I'll have to mark it as a good gift idea! Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday!