Wife, Mummy, Nurse: February 2015

27 February 2015

Purex® PowerShot® Detergent - Flip, Dose, Done!

I am a Purex® Insiders and was given a complimentary bottle of Purex® PowerShot® Laundry Detergent to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

In my house, laundry day is everyday. It is never done. There are times I am able to scale back Mount Never Done Laundry, but there are times, I need to send in an expedition to wash our clothes, towels, unmentionables, diapers, well you get the picture. Charis is now at an age where she loves helping mama, especially with the laundry. One of her many laundry jobs is to put the detergent in the laundry. Thankfully, Purex® PowerShot® laundry detergent helps with the measuring and dispensing.

25 February 2015

Luuk Hat

My last completed knit was the Luuk hat. It's a wonderful, easy, quick knit. I completed it in less than 2 hours. It was another stash buster-knit with Crystal Palace Mochi Plus yarn that I bought over a year ago to knit my SIL's "Misty Morning Mitts".

Mochi Plus is one of my favorite yarns; it is so soft and silky. If you ever decide to knit with this yarn, use bamboo knitting needles because your stitches will be less likely to fall off the needles. Be warned that the variations between the thickness might be annoying for some, though I enjoy the uniqueness it brings to my projects.

15 February 2015

HARVESTLAND® + Chicken Cordon Bleu Recipe

One of my favorite things to cook is chicken. We usually have at least two dinners during the week that consist of chicken, either chicken: breasts, thighs, or drumsticks, ground chicken, or a whole chicken. When I saw that Moms Meet was looking for bloggers to test and review HARVESTLAND® chicken, I immediately applied.

A few facts about HARVESTLAND®:
  • No antibiotics ever
  • Fed an all-vegetarian diet with no animal by-products
  • Raised cage free
  • One of their products now include, UDSA-certified organic chicken

I have tried out HARVESTLAND®'s chicken thighs, chicken breasts, and ground chicken. One frustration I had was, I have to go out of my way to buy their products. The store is close to my house, but HARVESTLAND® products are not at any of the stores I usually shop. One of my family's favorite recipes is Breadless Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Ingredients needed:
  • Ham
  • Swiss cheese
  • Thin sliced chicken breast
  • Garlic powder
  • Olive oil
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 

In each chicken breast, place one slice of ham and one slice of swiss cheese. Roll into a small roll. If you want, place a toothpick through it.

Place rolls in a pan. Pour olive oil over the chicken. Sprinkle with garlic powder.

Cover with foil. Place in preheated over for an hour. Make sure you check the internal temperature before removing the dish from the oven.

Are you interested in trying out a HARVESTLAND® product? Then enter to win a coupon for $5 off. Giveaway is for US only.

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I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of this product.

13 February 2015

Valentine's Day Mug Sleeve + a Knitting Pattern

This is a sponsored post from Family Christian. Post contains affiliate links.

Knitting is one of my favorite hobbies. Most places I go, you can find my latest knitting project accompanying me. I find knitting to be relaxing, challenging, and a conversation starter. You can often find me knitting gifts for family and friends for various holidays and celebrations. 

I was thrilled when I saw that Family Christian also carries some yarn. I often leave the house to buy yarn, but it is wonderful to be able to order it from the comfort of your own home. The various types of yarn I purchased include Cotton-Ease, Nature's Choice, and Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarns.

With Valentine's Day approaching, I decided to come up with a heart mug sleeve pattern to knit a loved one this February 14 or any time during the year! I find the cardboard sleeves that most companies place on coffee cups wasteful and small. I wanted my sleeve to be long enough to fit a 12 oz. coffee from Starbucks perfectly, and it did!

Fits the whole length of a 12 oz. Starbucks
coffee cup! Perfect, now my coffee can
have a cozy to keep it warm.
With Cotton-Ease Yarn in Cherry using size 5 circular or double pointed needles. Cast on 36 stitches. Join in round.

Rows 1-4: K2 P2 ribbing
Rows 5-6: Knit
From Rows 7-23, knit ALL even rows.
Row 7: (Knit 3, K2tog, YO, K1, YO, SSK, Knit 4) X 3.
Row 9: (Knit 2, K2tog, YO, K3, YO, SSK, Knit 3) X 3.
Row 11: (Knit 1, K2tog, YO, K5, YO, SSK, Knit 2) X 3.
Rows 13, 15, 17: (K2tog, YO, K7, YO, SSK, K1) X 3.
Row 19: (K2tog, YO, K1, K2tog, YO, K1, YO, SSK, K1, YO, SSK, K1) X 3.
Row 21: (K2tog, YO, K1, YO, SSK, K1, K2tog, YO, K1, YO, SSK, K1) X 3.
Row 23: (K1, K2tog, YO, K5, YO, SSK, K2) X 3.
Rows 24-25: Knit
Rows 26-29: K2 P2 ribbing.

Cast off.

Plus, my readers are able to enter to win a $10 Appreciation certificate from Family Christian! Just enter below via Rafflecopter.

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certificate in exchange for this post.

All opinions are mine.

09 February 2015

What is a Maker Faire?

Have you ever been to a Maker Faire? 
What was the most impressive project you saw?

First thing, what is a "Maker Faire"? Thanks to Google, I found out that a Maker Faire is
Part science fair, part county fair, and part something entirely new, Maker Faire is an all-ages gathering of tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, authors, artists, students, and commercial exhibitors. 
 I discovered that their was a Maker Faire recently in Silver Spring, MD, within 30 minutes from where we live. Then I found out that there will be a Mini Maker Faire near us this year. I think this is something my daughter would love. She is at an age where she is inquisitive, curious, and questioning how and why things work. It is very enjoyable to watch her blossom into a girl.

Have you ever been to a Maker Faire?

06 February 2015

Catch the Moment: Week 5

January 29: Frozen puzzle!! While Justin napped, I taught {AKA giving her tips and hoping she listened} Charis how to put a puzzle together.

January 30: Making dinner-cordon bleu without the breading.

January 31: Having a "picnic" lunch with my daughter. Notice the yarn on the couch. I have NO idea what Charis was doing with her arms. She's a four year old.

February 1: Family selfie! Our family in Pennsylvania was {still is} sick, so we decided to take a picture of us and send it to their e-mail with a get well message.

February 2: Dressing her little brother. Every time Charis does this, I laugh because I remember doing this to my brother.

February 3: My new FAVORITE type of yogurt!!

February 4: A hat I'm knitting.

I did not post Week 4's pictures, but I hope to do that this week. 
They're taken, just follow me on IG to see them.

05 February 2015

Kitchen Cooking Disasters

Tell us about a dish you attempted to make that ended in disaster. 
Have you ever re-attempted the meal?

I enjoy cooking and baking, but there are a handful of times where my creations have turned into kitchen disasters.

This year on my birthday, I was craving onion rings. I don't know why, but when I'm breastfeeding, I crave things a lot more than when I'm pregnant. I decided to make a healthier version of onion rings, but they burnt. The chicken thighs were overdone {How do you overcook chicken thighs? They are the moist part of the chicken. Oh yes, I remember, I have children.} I felt like crying {okay, I did cry}. Thankfully, the sugar free cake was delicious, though Drew did not like it because it tasted "too coconutty". That was okay because there was more for me. I have yet to repeat making the onion rings. It was a new recipe, and I'm afraid of messing up again.

Or the time where I put too much salt in the chocolate chip cookies I made as a little girl. I have made many different batches of chocolate chip cookies, and thankfully NONE of them have turned out like the salted cookies I made as a girl.

A few lessons, I have learned over time:
1. Keep trying. That is how you will improve your cooking.
2. Don't be afraid to veer from the recipe, especially when cooking. The onion rings were cut into itty, bitty pieces. Next time I make them, I'm not going to follow the recipe and will cut them into rings.
3. My husband will always try what I cook. He ate the onion rings and the chicken thighs without any complaint.
4. Be thankful for what I have to eat because there are many others who go without food.

Do you have any kitchen disasters?

04 February 2015

Lentil Rice Stir Fry

What is your favorite thing to make for dinner?
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My favorite thing to make for dinner is something that is quick and easy. Something that I don't have to look back and forth at the recipe to make {that is if I use a recipe}. When I do use a recipe, I often use it more as a guide, since I don't like being a slave it. 

For dinner, I often have 1/2-1 lb. meat and veggies stirred together. Nothing elaborate, but nutritious and delicious. At least one or two nights a week, I try to eat something vegetarian to cut down on the cost of groceries. Tonight we had Lentil Rice Stir Fry

Cook 3/4 cup rice and 3/4 cup lentils in rice cooker.

Meanwhile make sure your children are still living and getting along with each other. Once your children have calmed down and their needs are met. 

Dice 1 onion and saute it in 1 tsp. coconut oil for about five minutes.

Add 16 oz. mixed frozen vegetables {I used a peas and carrots mix} and stir for 5 minutes.

Add the cooked rice and lentils to vegetable mix and stir around.

Add 2-4 Tbsp. soy sauce and liberally sprinkle garlic powder to rice, lentils, and vegetables. I purchase gluten free soy sauce, not because we have to eat gluten free, but because I know others that have to eat gluten free food and I don't want them to wonder if something is gluten free. 

Add 4 egg whites {I used egg yolks earlier today} and cook for about 3 more minutes.

Serve hot. Feel free to add sriracha sauce and check out this 2Go 1-Pack!

What's your favorite thing to make for dinner? 
Linking up at Living Well Spending Less and The Thrifty Issue.

03 February 2015

Little Miss Kira's Dress

What was the last craft project you attempted?
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Recently, I just won mom points from my daughter without even trying to please her. My daughter's most recent fascination is with all things Frozen. When I saw that a knitting designer was looking for test knitters to knit a girl's dress and check for errors, I thought it would look cute on Charis. I decided to knit it with Pound of Love Turquoise because it is 1)Cheap, 2)Very forgiving when played in by a four year old., and 3)My daughter has tons of pink clothes, and I wanted something that was not pink. One night as I was knitting the dress, Charis exclaimed, "Mama! It's the same color as Elsa's dress. I love it."

Valentine's Day Card Pack + a Giveaway

When I was a girl, one of my favorite past times was checking the mail box, especially around Valentine's Day. I had two aunts in Indiana that sent us a Valentine's Day card every year. Today, it is too easy to get wrapped up in social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) that we do not take time to just sit down and write letters to friends and family.

This year, one of my many goals is to write more personal letters to people. 5 of my cousins live over in the United Kingdom. I have friends living in the UK, Mexico, Canada, and Uganda. I have many friends living in different states throughout the US. I want my loved ones near and far to know that I love them and think of them often.

I received an assortment of Valentine's Day cards from Hallmark this year. My favorite is Hallmark's "Puppy Butt" card; on the inside it says, "If a photo of a puppy butt doesn't make your Valentine's Day happy, I don't know what will."

I enjoyed the variety of cards they have. I encourage you to run, don't walk, to your nearest Hallmark store, and find the cards you would like to use to put your heart to paper. I also have some great news! Hallmark is giving away an assortment of cards to one of my readers. Just enter below via Rafflecopter.

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Hallmark sent an assortment of cards to review.
All opinions are my own, and I was not compensated in any way.

02 February 2015

I am a DIY and a DIFM Gal

When I received the e-mail from BlogHer with February's 2015 NaBloPoMo theme and prompts, I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I love, love, love making things, especially anything to do with food and "domestic crafts"-knitting and sewing. Follow me on Instagram to find out what I'm making.

Are you a DIY or DIFM (do-it-for-me) person? Honestly, I'm a bit of both.

  1. I'm a DIY gal, if it's something that does not require a lot of space (since we are limited in space). I enjoy knitting and sewing, but you will find me knitting a lot more than sewing. There's something daunting about dragging out my sewing machine, plugging it in, and having it take up space on my dining room table. I have done it, but then housework and caring for my children get pushed to the back burner.
  2. I'm a DIFM girl for anything mechanical. There are often times that I wish I knew how to fix vehicles, because it would be nice to avoid a $400+ bill which we'll have to pay in the next day or so.
What are you? Do you want to dig in and get your hands dirty?
Or are you willing to have someone else do it for you?

Stellar & Jolly Freetime Diaper Giveaway

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Welcome to the Freetime Jolly & Stellar Cloth Diaper Giveaway
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Here's your chance to own this gorgeous set of diapers in the Freetime version,because what mother couldn't use a little free time :D
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Can't wait to win it you can purchase it at Diaper Junction!

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When the Game Stands Tall Review

Recently Family Christian sent me the DVD When the Game Stands Tall to review.

Synopsis: When the Game Stands Tall is based on a true story about 151 game winning streak by De La Salle high school.

During the film the team deals with different hardships;
  • Coach Bob has a heart attack. He came to the realization that he had been a lousy father.
  • Terrance Kelly (one of the team mates) is gunned down and murdered in cold blood.
  • Losing the streak at Bellview. 
Chris Ryan, one of the players, has a chance to break California's record for highest number of touchdowns. 

Run time: Approximately 115 minutes.

Rated: PG for thematic material, a scene of violence, and brief smoking.

A few things I liked in the movie: 
  • Coach Bob: "The streak was never our goal." The media, community, parents, and players were so wrapped up in keeping the streak that they played for their own glory. He tries to teach the team to be there for each other. When the team lost the winning streak, Bob took his team to a VA recovery ward, where one of the veterans said that it's the guy next to you that matters.
  • Chris Ryan: At the last game of his high school career, he has the opportunity to go for the record, but he realizes he does not want his last play to be by himself.
If you have a son or daughter playing sports, this would be a good movie to watch with them. Playing a sport can be good and teach important things, such as being a team player, but this movie helps reinforce that sports are not everything.

I was sent this DVD from Family Christian for the purpose of review.
All opinions are mine, and I was not compensated in any way.