Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Little Miss Kira's Dress

03 February 2015

Little Miss Kira's Dress

What was the last craft project you attempted?
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Recently, I just won mom points from my daughter without even trying to please her. My daughter's most recent fascination is with all things Frozen. When I saw that a knitting designer was looking for test knitters to knit a girl's dress and check for errors, I thought it would look cute on Charis. I decided to knit it with Pound of Love Turquoise because it is 1)Cheap, 2)Very forgiving when played in by a four year old., and 3)My daughter has tons of pink clothes, and I wanted something that was not pink. One night as I was knitting the dress, Charis exclaimed, "Mama! It's the same color as Elsa's dress. I love it."


  1. Oh I love it! I think that my little girl would absolutely love a pretty blue dress. I tend to knit in light blue and green for her a lot - but definitely have quite a bit of pink sparkle as well :-)