Wife, Mummy, Nurse: A Day in My Life {After Daylight Savings Time}

10 March 2015

A Day in My Life {After Daylight Savings Time}

Daylight Savings Time (AKA the bane of a mother's existence). As much as I love this time of year, I wish we could do away with DST. Sunday was actually good, but on Monday morning I was exhausted. Yesterday had many highs and one or two low point. As the day went on, it got better and better.

Our children go to bed around 8 PM and wake up at 8 AM. My son had been up THREE times the night before (usually, he's up once and falls back to sleep). Three times, I had to get up, hold and nurse him, put him in the pack n play, and pray he'd stay asleep. I know I should have been happy to spend time with him, but I already lost sleep on Saturday night and continued losing it on Sunday night.

Monday morning, I was on the verge of tears and hearing this conversation did not help.
At 7:52 AM, Charis woke up and asked, "Can I get up and eat breakfast?"
Drew, "No, not yet. What's the rule?"
"I have to wait until 8 o'clock."
8 AM came. Charis, "It's 8 o'clock!!!!"
Drew woke up with our children and let me sleep in until 9:20! Reason 829 that I know I married a keeper.

When I finally rolled out of bed, I picked up my son and nursed him. I usually enjoy breastfeeding (especially during the day). It's the one time where I have to STOP from the business of life, hold my son, look at his sweet face and toes, and nourish him. This mama, at bacon and eggs for breakfast. After we at breakfast, we had family worship. We're currently reading through Hebrews and learning about Jesus the Great High Priest (and have been thankful that we do not have to sacrifice over and over and over... Christ's death was once and for all.). Drew left to go to work on his dissertation and later his tutoring.

Happy mail came! I'm a BALM! Baby blogger and received some natural body products. FYI, their Pits! Natural Deodorant is AMAZING!!

After my son woke up from his 2 1/2 hour nap (Hallelujah!), we walked to Dunkin' Donuts to buy donuts (goodbye eating healthy) and a coffee for me. Sadly, I left my baby carrier at my parent's house and the other carrier was in our van (which Drew had). So, I had to drag the stroller down the flight of stairs and outside before going back in for my children. Note to self: Get the baby carrier out of the van!

After going home, I had to do necessary duties of cleaning and cooking and sang Psalm 113, while picking up.

Justin did not want to go to sleep and was fighting it last night. He had to be nurse three times before finally falling asleep, but this time, I was happy to treasure his face.

How was your day yesterday?
Did Daylight Savings Time affect your family
or outlook on life?


  1. Whew! Sounds exhausting. We were visiting my parents for the weekend to celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday, so we had a 5 hour car ride on Saturday followed by a 4 hour party at a restaurant (i.e. torture for the 17-month old!) and another 5 hour car ride on Sunday. Adding in the time change was a nightmare. Monday and Tuesday were a fog. Love your idea to treat yourself to coffee at DD - might have to try that! Hope your week has been improving! :-)

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