Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Currently {April 13, 2015}

13 April 2015

Currently {April 13, 2015}

Sipping Donwell Abbey tea, with a spot of milk. Good tea drinkers put milk in the cup first, then add the tea.

Cleaning the bathroom! Okay, not really, but I NEED to. It has been over a month since I have cleaned it, though last week, I threw bleach in the toilet and scrubbed it. It's amazing how just cleaning the toilet improves the overall look/feel.

Watching Gilmore Girls. When I saw Very Shannon organizing a Gilmore Girls Knit Along, I decided to borrow Season 1 from the library, and I (hate to admit it) actually like watching it.

Reading As We Forgive and Me Against My Brother. With it being 21 years since the Rwandan genocide, I wanted to read more about it, plus, I love learning about Africa.

Knitting lots of things. I have at least three WIPs and only knit a few rows every day.
Mustard Scarf {for Shannon's GGKAL15}
Cotton Knit Beanie
Garter Ear Flap Hat

Thankful for what God has done in our church. We have called a pastor, and he has accepted (taken) the call. DV, he and his family will be moving out in June!! Plus for the last 29 years, we have been meeting in a school building. God has provided a building (of our own) for our church, and we worship there for the first time next week!

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  1. Those Jane Austen teas are the best! I have Pemberley.

  2. I love the Gilmore girls. I miss it!!! It was one of my favorite shows.
    Cleaning- yuck, a task that never ends!
    YAY for knitting- Great job!!

    Thanks for joining my Currently link up this week! I love reading what everyone is up to! Have a great weekend! XO Becky