Wife, Mummy, Nurse: All About Me #6KCBWDAY2

12 May 2015

All About Me #6KCBWDAY2

This is weird for the knitting & crochet blog week, were are not supposed to be taking about knitting.

Today's prompt: It's All About You.

Gulp. I already did this back in January. On my birthday, I posted 31 random facts about me. Today, I'm posting a list of a few things I said I'd never do (that I ended up doing anyway):

  1. Marry Drew. In college, one of my friends would ask, "Well, what about Drew? You could marry him." To which I replied, "I'm NOT marrying Drew. We're just friends." Sometimes I still laugh and think, "I gave birth to Drew's children, and I would not have it any other way."
  2. Become a nurse. When I started at college, I thought I was going to be an elementary education major, but I realized teaching was not something I wanted to do. Someone asked, "Well, have you considered nursing?" I laughed at the thought, "No, I'm not good at science or math. Bodily fluids.. bleh." (Yes, I'm kind of like Sarah in the Old Testament.)
  3. Move to the DC Metro area. I'm a small town girl and had no desire to move to DC. The biggest place I wanted to live was in Pittsburgh, but then I became engaged to a grad student studying at a university in Washington D.C. The rest is history. I still have not lived in Pittsburgh.
As you can tell, I should take the advice of Henri in An American Tail, "Never say never again."

What about you? Is there anything you said you'd never do and then that thing happened?

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