Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Catch the Moment: Week 20

22 May 2015

Catch the Moment: Week 20

Even though I am WAY behind posting Catch the Moment, I decided to start posting again and not worry about the previous 16 weeks pictures. If you want to check out my comings and goings, follow me on Instagram.

May 14: A busy day for the baby-nap, park, library, and dreaming of basketball. 

May 15: Goofing off with Charis before she went to bed.

May 16: Word of advise-don't leave mini chocolate chips lying around where a one year old can get a hold of them and spill them all over the floor.

May 17: Thankful for my slow cooker. Dinner was ready when we arrived home from church!

May 18: It was not a three hour tour, but a three hour nap!! Afterwards, we went to the library, park, playground, and hurried home before the rain started.

May 19: Reading "Butterfly, butterfly" to my children.

May 20: We had to wake him up from his nap in order to go to prayer meeting.

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