Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Currently {May 4, 2015}

04 May 2015

Currently {May 4, 2015}

This morning I had my annual gynecological check up. Fun, fun... Last night, Drew said he would prefer if Charis came with me (which is understandable) since it's crunch time with his dissertation and all his "free" time needs to be devoted to it. I e-mailed a friend last night to see if she would be willing to watch Charis for 1-2 hours. I was thrilled when she replied, "Sure! The more the merrier." She has a daughter who is about 20 months older than Charis and another daughter who is 6 months older than Charis. Plus, she has two younger children. Charis was SO excited I had a doctor's appointment. I wish I could have shared in her excitement-having a speculum inserted is sooooo much fun.

On the plus side, I went to Trader Joe's. We live less than 10 miles from one, but it's in a direction we almost never go. The other one "close" to our house is in Annapolis, less than 1/2 a mile from my OB-GYN. While there, I bought a few items, plus a small thank you gift for my friend.

Drinking coffee. Yes, I know last week I wrote that I'm trying to drink more water, which I have been doing, but I still like drinking my coffee. I'm just trying to not drink 4+ cups/day.

Cleaning and dusting the bookshelves. Last week, I finally cleaned the bathroom (toilet, sink, floor, and shelving), finished cleaning the pantry, and

Watching more Signing Time! Last week, Charis was on Facetime with Aunt R. Aunt R. quizzed Charis on the alphabet in sign language. Every time Charis came to a letter that she did not know, she would say, "Do you know the sign for _____? This is how you sign _____."

Reading The Firm by John Grisham (an audiobook). The biggest way I get reading in by listening to audio books.

Knitting the curly purly soaker and the strawberry kisses cardigan.

Praying for
  1. Drew's dissertation (He submitted another chapter on Saturday.)
  2. Drew has e-mailed different countries for his research. We hope the countries get back to him ASAP.
Thankful for
  1. My friend who watched Charis while I had a doctor's appointment!! 
  2. Nail polish removed from toe nails. {See below. Charis gave me a pedicure 2+ months ago, and I had not removed the nail polish until today!!}

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  1. Sounds like things are going great with you! I wish I could knit!!

    Thanks for joining my Currently Link up this week! Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!
    XO Becky