Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Justin's Birth Story {Part 2}

11 May 2015

Justin's Birth Story {Part 2}

Part 1 was posted yesterday.

Even though I was scheduled to be induced May 11, I slept wonderfully the night of May 10! On Mother's Day 2014, Drew and I woke up around 5:45 AM. I took a quick shower. After all if I'm going to do heavy labor and have no idea when my next shower will be, I want to be as clean as possible. Our hotel actually had a fairly decent breakfast. I had slices of bacon, a large spoon of scrambled eggs, and half a Belgian waffle. I took a whole waffle, but after eating everything else, I gave half of it to Drew. We checked out and drove to the hospital where I had to be at 7:00 AM. I checked in and was led to my room.

My nurse, Carrie, was AWESOME!! I hate being stuck for IVs, so much so, that I always dread the IV more than labor itself. She got my IV in on the first try. Since I was positive for group B strep, they wanted to start my first antibiotic infused and wait for at least two hours before starting the Pitocin. My antibiotic was hung around 8 AM. She left, which allowed me to get some rest before labor started. Drew fell asleep on the couch in the room.

At 10:30 AM, Dr. S did not internal examination. Afterwards, Pitocin was started. Thankfully, Dr. S did not perform an amniotomy. (With Charis, immediately after Pitocin was started, the doctor broke my water, and contractions were immediately intense.) With Justin, it was much more gradual with the intensity and frequency on contractions. (I continued letting Drew sleep, until I needed his support.)

At 11:30 AM, the contractions were every 3-4 minutes and they were lasting about 60-90 seconds. Carrie offered to call the anesthesiologist about an epidural, but I declined and stated, "I'm still able to breathe through them." 11:45 AM, I regretted that decision. I called my nurse and asked her to get the anesthesiologist for my epidural. She told me he was just called to an emergency c-section. I was then offered Stadol through my IV. I said, "Yes, please give it to me!" Carrie went to get the Stadol, but another patient was needing her, so a different nurse-Phylis-came in to give my medication. Within 1 minute after receiving Stadol through my IV, I told Drew, "I feel like I'm going to pass out." He came over and lowered the head of my bed. I "slept" well (sedated). I could hear people talking in the background and could respond. Stadol definitely help decrease my pain.

Part 3 to continue tomorrow. 

Were you induced with any of your children?

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  1. :) love all the details...sounds like a much gentler induction! I suppose I will answer your question, too. I went in to be induced with #1 after my water broke, but thankfully we were able to get contractions started by more natural methods. Once I got an epidural, though, they started giving me pitocin, so I sort of was induced. The second time was on its own and fast!