Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Justin's Birth Story {Part 4}

13 May 2015

Justin's Birth Story {Part 4}

Around 7:00 PM, I was transferred up to the Mother and Baby unit. Every time I got up during the night, I still felt dizzy and weak. At 5:00 AM, my blood was drawn. Before shift change, my nurse came in the room and said, "Your hemoglobin is 7; it was 11.5. You might need a transfusion today. If you feel that you're getting worse, let me know." I thought, "That explains why I still feel so dizzy and weak." I made sure to drink lots of water and eat food high in iron. As the day went on, I felt my strength returning. When Dr. S. came to see me at 12:00 PM, she offered to order a transfusion, but did not push it. I decided to decline since:
  1. I felt stronger than I had the night before.
  2. My bleeding was decreasing.
  3. Drew's mom was in town to help out for the next 2 1/2-3 weeks, allowing me to focus on resting and recovering and taking care of Justin. Plus, I did not have to cook, do laundry, or take care of Charis.
  4. I did not feel it was necessary and did not want to potential reactions. (Remember, I'm a nurse and nurses can be difficult patients.) 
Dr. S. was okay with my decision, and told me to walk around the floor, if I decided I wanted a transfusion later to let the nurse know. Drew and I walked around the floor with Justin, and I did not feel dizzy. My nurse finally allowed me to take a shower (I should have hopped in without asking her permission), and I was fine. My strength slowly came back. During the afternoon, Charis came by with Grandma to meet Justin. Charis was very unsure, but thought it was fun to sit on mommy's bed. Grandma had the fun job of holding the baby. By the end of the day, I was sitting up in a chair. 

Did I regret my decision to be induced? Short answer, NO! Unlike my Charis's birth, the decision was completely mine. Dr. S. did not pressure me, and she would have been fine waiting a few more days. Dr. S. also respected me as a person and did not push for interventions. I'm NOT against interventions, but with every additional one, there are risks. I was also thrilled that I had an epidural, especially since they were trying to get it out for awhile after the birth. If we have another child and if we still live in this area, I plan on going back to the same doctor that I had with Justin.

Did you allow for things with your birth that you did not plan on letting happen? How did it turn out?

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