Wife, Mummy, Nurse: Canada: Day One

16 June 2015

Canada: Day One

A few weeks ago (June 1-5), we were in Canada. Drew presented a paper at University of Ottawa on June 2, and we decided to make a trip out of it. After the decision was made that Drew, Charis, Justin, and I were all going, we figured, "Hey, what's a few more people? Let's invite your parents. After all your dad was born in Canada less than 2 hours away from Ottawa." It meant that we had to get a passport for Lil' J. Let's just say his picture looks like a mug shot; he took it seriously when they said not to smile.

Bilingual Stop Sign.
We are not in the USA anymore.
On June 1, Charis, Justin, and I left Western PA with my in-laws and traveled to Syracuse, NY. In Syracuse, we met Drew who had left from Maryland earlier, and Drew and I left our vehicle at a friend's house.

We traveled into Canada crossing over the Thousands Islands Bridge.

Around 8 PM, we arrived at our hotel in the heart of the capital in Ottawa. We unloaded our suitcases and checked into our hotel room. Since our room was 8 floors up and had a balcony that we could walk out and view the sky, our first rule for Charis was, "Do NOT go out on to the balcony by yourself."

My MIL cooked dinner in the little kitchenette. Shortly after we ate our dinner, my FIL, Drew, and I went on a short walk around the capital.

Where the Prime Minister's office is located
Centennial Flame


  1. So fun that you go to make a trip out of it!!

  2. What a fun family get-away. Visiting another country is a great adventure. I hope you all had fun.

  3. Anytime we are out and about in a new place for any reason we make a trip out of it and explore as many things/places as we can!


  4. Sounds like a full day... You got some good pictures from your walk too!


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