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18 June 2015

Canada: Day Two

June 2, 2015: 

On Tuesday morning, Drew had a paper to present at the University of Ottawa. I went to get tickets so we could have a tour of Parliament later that afternoon. The tours are first come first serve, and the doors to get tickets open up at 9 AM. I walked around for a bit just to see where things were and went back to the hotel where my MIL was watching my two children. 

When Drew was finished with his presentation, he came back to the hotel, ate a quick lunch, and we (Drew, my FIL, and I) went to meet an online friend/acquaintance who works for an MP in Canada. He took us on a personal, informal "tour" around the different statues/memorials at the Capital. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of the monuments. I hoped to at least take a photograph of the War of 1812 Monument, especially since I've been reading the Caroline books, published by American Girl, to Charis.

View from the Peace Tower-
building is the library dome.
Stained glass window in the Memorial Chamber, a commemoration
to those who died in military service for Canada.
A daylight view of the Centennial Flame.
The Centennial Flame was ignited on the evening of December 31, 1966,
to commemorate Canada's 100th anniversary of Confederation.
At 3:20 PM, we took a guided tour of Centre Block (home to the Senate, the House of Commons, and the Library of Parliament). Yes I spelled centre correctly, in Canada center is "centre". Since the Senate and House of Commons were convening on June 2, we were not able to go into those rooms as a tour group. After the tour was over, Charis, Drew, my FIL, and I went into observe both the Senate and the House of Commons. My MIL and Justin did not go in with us. 

When it was time to go back to our hotel, Charis had a wonderful melt down (largely due to being tired and hungry), and she had to be carried at least 1 block before she started walking with me. In the hotel room I made to go take a nap, where she cried herself to sleep. Poor "baby" girl. I know I'm much grumpier when I'm tired and hungry, so I definitely sympathized with her. I too was tired, so I lied down in bed with her and fell asleep too. After we got up from her nap, we were like new people. It's amazing what sleep can do to you.

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