Wife, Mummy, Nurse: 3 Must Read Books about Cooperation

06 July 2015

3 Must Read Books about Cooperation

Cooperation does not come naturally to me. Often, I want to do things my way. If someone suggests a "better" way of doing something, I don't always want to do it because it was not my idea. I have sometimes noticed the same traits-both good and bad-in my daughter. When I came across "Must Read Monday", I was thrilled. I love reading books to my daughter, and often pick a few themes. This week's theme is "cooperation". It was hard to find books that were not too good child vs. bad child.

Camille's Team
By Stuart J. Murphy

Camille and her mommy went to the beach and enjoyed jumping in the waves, collecting shells, and building sand forts. Carlos walks by Camille and decides he's going to build a fort as well. Freda and Percy walk by and decide to build forts that are bigger and better. Carlos, Freda, and Percy quickly saw how slow their fort building was occurring, and on top of everything a big wave washed all the forts away. Camille suggested that they all work together and "build one really BIG fort." Freda agreed to cooperate. Carlos and Percy decided to participate as well. Together, they made a plan, worked together, and shared the fun.

Five Trucks
By Brian Floca

Five drivers for five trucks. The five trucks come in different sizes and each has a special purpose. Each truck is briefly described. Each truck has to unload something, check out, or pushes forward one airplane. All these trucks (and their drivers) have to work together for the airplane to take off successfully.

Yard Sale
By Eve Bunting
Illustrated by Lauren Castillo

Callie and her family are downsizing and moving to a smaller place (an apartment). Callie's parents have a yard sale to help get rid of the items that they cannot take to their new place. Callie's family has to move because of "something to do with money." By the end of the book, Callie came to realize that it's not her toys that make a place home; it's who is there with you. Callie's turn around may have been a bit unrealistic. Warning: Some people wrongly consider this book a "downer". Yes, the Callie has to get rid of a lot of her toys, but this book would have been a bit helpful last fell when I tried to explain to my daughter why we had to get rid of some of her things (and why we specifically said, "No toys for Christmas gifts.").

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  1. These are great! We're doing "gentleman training" with our 2 year old son right now and I'm sure I could work these into a lesson plan! Thank you for the reviews and suggestions!

  2. Nice list! Pinned for later. I want to read the "Yard Sale" book with my daughter :)

  3. What a fantastic list! Five Trucks is one of my favorite transportation books, and definitely highlights cooperation. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Yay!! More books for me to find. I love reading to my daughters. Love more that my oldest 8 years old can read chapters books. Amamzing that a parents reads to their babies can help them read at a early age.