Wife, Mummy, Nurse: August 2015

14 August 2015

FO: Luuk Hat

After church on Sunday, another mom came up to me and invited my children and me to her daughter's third birthday party (which was today). I went home thinking, "What should I knit for her daughter? What do I have in my yarn stash that I want to use up?"

07 August 2015

FO: Juliet Cardigan

July 17, I finished off my daughter's Juliet Cardigan. The last three Sundays, my daughter has insisted on wearing it to church. Every week I tell her, "You'll be far too hot. It's 90 degrees outside." She still tells me she wants to wear them. I don't argue with her. I figure she'll learn, plus I'm happy she likes her cardigan.


05 August 2015

Wee and Warm in the Winter Winds #YarnAlong

In February, my SIL (R.) sent me a Facebook message with a photo of "I Heart My Dress" and asked if I could knit an 18 or 24 month dress for her daughter. I immediately picked up my phone to call her. Of course, I'd knit a dress for her baby, in fact consider it a birthday gift. I love knitting clothes for girls. Problem, her birthday is in April. Oops! I'm just starting on it now... but she's wanting it for fall/winter this year, so it's all good.