Wife, Mummy, Nurse: FO: Luuk Hat

14 August 2015

FO: Luuk Hat

After church on Sunday, another mom came up to me and invited my children and me to her daughter's third birthday party (which was today). I went home thinking, "What should I knit for her daughter? What do I have in my yarn stash that I want to use up?"

After consulting Ravelry (and my stash), I decided to knit my daughter's friend the luuk hat. It calls for worsted weight yarn, and I have plenty of that weight in my stash. I decided to use Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable, which I bought last year to knit Lady Mary's Comfort Wrap. Unfortunately I frogged the shawl because 1) The pattern was poorly written (in my opinion) and 2) When I made mistakes, the yarn would catch on previously knit rows and it was hard to undo the stitches.